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Air Europa Flight Cancellation Policy

Flight cancellation can get messy sometimes, and it becomes more problematic when the airline doesn’t clear the conditions. The common problem with all airlines is that they never clearly mention their cancellation policy and the number of charges to be deducted if you cancel within the specified time. So, you always remain at the mercy of airlines to charge you less.

The condition is not different with Air Europa, and the airline doesn’t have a specific page that shows you the exact details about the cancellation policy. They have mentioned the charges they deduct for each fare type and the 24-hour procedure. In total, the process is not straightforward, and their help pages will leave you confused.

However, we have researched many resources to find exact details about their cancellation policy and written them in plain English. If you have booked a flight with Air Europa and somehow don’t want to travel, this is the best resource to get the correct information about cancellation procedures and refund details.

We have tried to answer all possible questions that might arise in your mind. Read till, and you won’t have doubts regarding Air Europa Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy.


1. What is Air Europa Airlines’ flight cancellation policy?

Air Europa provides the flight cancellation option if you booked the ticket under some specific fares. Here are the exact guidelines the airline follows.

General Cancellation guidelines

  • The airline provides a complete refund if you cancel within 24 hours of booking. To avail of this benefit, you must be a resident of the United States, and the booking must have seven days to departure. Air Europa can change conditions to this program anytime they want. So, please confirm with customer support before availing of this benefit.
  • They allow free cancellations before departure for tickets booked under business-flex fares or flex fares.
  • You must pay cancellation charges for tickets booked under business-standard fares.
  • Cancellations are not allowed for standard economy or lite fare. Even the airlines don’t allow to change route and transfer the ticket to another passenger. The option you get is to opt-out from traveling.

These are some specific conditions that Air Europa follows for flight cancellations. First, you need to check the type of fare you booked under and then check what cancellation conditions. Once you figure out these details, you can scroll down to find the charges you must pay upon cancellation. If you face problems, then you always have the option to connect with support.

2. How to cancel Air Europa Airlines flight without penalty?

If you are unsure about your travel date, you probably need to change the flight details, or in the worst scenarios, you have to cancel your booking. You will look for the least penalty option at that time, but it’s too late. If you think your plan may cancel, book a ticket under-booked under business fare or flex fares.

The airlines don’t charge for canceling tickets booked under these fares and save your hard-earned money. With that, if you have booked under standard economy or lite fare, you don’t have the option for cancellation.

Passengers living in the United States can avail of the benefit of 24-hour free cancellation if the departure date is at least seven days later. This policy applies to all types of fares and again saves your money.

If your agent booked a ticket, you need to contact him for cancellation. It depends on your agent, like under what fares he booked your ticket and how much he charges for cancellation. Their charges might differ from the ones described by the airlines. But if you got knowledge about rules, then you can negotiate properly.

3. How to cancel an Air Europa Airlines ticket?

Canceling your confirmed travel ticket is pretty easy with Air Europa, and there are five ways of doing so. Select the one most convenient for you. We recommend contacting customer care for cancellation as there can be hidden charges you won’t understand on their website, which mainly result in losses. Ways to cancel an Air Europa Airlines ticket include


1. Using their official website

If you booked a ticket from your account, you would find an option to cancel your ticket online by logging in to your Air Europa account using mobile or desktop. Follow the directions mentioned below to place a cancellation request online easily.

  • Open Air Europa’s official website and log in to your account.
  • Visit my account option to access your bookings.
  • Under my bookings, you will find all your recent bookings; under that, you will get the cancellation or flight change option.
  • Click cancel and follow the instructions provided by the website.
  • Basically, the website shows you the cancellation charges, amount, and time for a refund.
  • Confirm the cancellation and refresh to check if the changes are applied or not.

That’s it! Your booking will be canceled, and within seven working days, you will get the refund amount specified by the website. Also, you will receive an email and message confirmation for the same.


2. Via calling customer care

If you are not confident about canceling the ticket, you can call their support and provide the necessary information to cancel it. It’s safe and probably the most convenient way because you can immediately confirm the details with an expert. Even you may request exceptions.

  • Use this number 1 844 415 39 55 to connect with their customer support. You might have to wait for a few minutes to get connected.
  • Be ready with your booking details and identity because first, the agent will confirm your identity, then only they can make changes to your booking.
  • Now, explain your issue, and they will provide you with the best advice on cancellation. They will do it for you if the problem can be solved with the flight change option.
  • You will receive a text message and email confirmation. Also, you can check the updated booking by logging into your Air Europa account. Following the process mentioned above.

You might have to wait long times in the calling queue, which can be frustrating. Otherwise, this option is the best for canceling tickets.


3. Via chat with customer support

If you are not comfortable calling someone to cancel your ticket, then Air Europa provides you with an option to cancel your visa using the chat option on their website. The process remains the same, but you don’t have to talk with anyone. Follow the steps mentioned below to cancel your booking via chat.

  • Browse the official website of Air Europa and look for the “Do you need help” option.
  • Under this option, scroll down to the bottom and check for other contact options. You will find an opportunity to connect with airline chat support via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Choose a platform you are convenient with to connect with the agent via chat.
  • Provide them with the information related to your booking, identity, and the action you want them to perform on your booking. Like cancellation or flight change.
  • The online agent will cancel your ticket, and you will receive the confirmation via message or email. The changes will be visible under your bookings option on your Air Europa account.

Again, this is an easy and quick option where the service is similar to the calling agent,t but you don’t have to wait in the calling queue to listen to the annoying hold ringtone. Ensure you are handy with your booking reference number and identity before connecting with the chat agent.


4. By visiting Air Europa’s registered office

If an online agent fails to process the exception you request, you can visit the airline’s office to get the resolution. Even if you live near their office, it’s a great option to complete the process by meeting someone in person. Follow these steps to find the correct details of their office.

  • Use your mobile or desktop to visit Air Europa’s official website.
  • Open the “do you need help” option and scroll a little to find the address of their registered offices.
  • There, you will find two options. Either you can connect with their domestic office or international office. Based on the booking, select the office suitable for you.
  • Also, check the working hours before your visit.
  • Finally, visit their office and ask the agents to cancel your booking. Don’t forget to take your id card with you, or else all your efforts will go in vain.

The agent will cancel your booking, and if you want to request an exception, the registered office is the best place to ask. However, if you booked a ticket with an agent, this option is not helpful. Instead, try the one mentioned below.

5. Cancellation via a travel agent

If your travel agent booked you a ticket, none of the abovementioned options would work for you because agents use their id for booking, and airline staff cannot change it. Instead, you need to contact your agent or visit their office for cancellation.

The charges may vary from the ones charged by airlines because agents add their commission, which is how they make money. However, you can browse the cancellation charges mentioned below, so you have the power to negotiate and get a better deal from your travel agent.

We recommend you clear the cancellation terms before booking the tickets from an agent, or else you might pay more in the end.

4. How much does canceling an Air Europa Airlines flight cost?

Some fares charge you a penalty for canceling, and some won’t, while cancellation is not allowed in some types of foods. It may not sound straightforward, but we have simplified it for you. Just check the details below to figure out the exact breakdown for your cancellation. The airline has divided the charges based on the fare type and destination.

  1. Business Flex Fares

The airlines don’t charge you a penny for canceling flights booked under this fare. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, the cancellation will be free of cost. That’s because most corporate passengers travel using this fare, and their plans can change anytime. That’s why the airline charges more for these tickets and provides the facility of free cancellation.

  1. Flex Fares

These fares are for average passengers who want to avail the benefit given to the corporate passenger. Similar to business flex fares, this type also charges nothing to cancel the ticket. You can cancel the ticket anytime before check-in, and the airline will provide you with a full refund. These fares cost more compared to all others.

  1. Business Standard Fares

This is the only fare type that allows you to cancel your ticket with a fee. The cancellation charges depend on the sector you are flying to. They charge less for domestic flights but more for international ones. Check the exact breakdown below.

  • Domestic flights – EUR/USD/GBP/CHF 75 per passenger.
  • European and African flights- EUR/USD/GBP/CHF 75 per passenger.
  • Transoceanic flights- EUR 200 (or USD 225) per passenger.

You can check the type of fare on your booking and if you are not sure, then confirm it with the airline’s support staff.

  1. Standard Economy Fares

These are cheap fares with many restrictions, and the airline doesn’t allow you to cancel tickets booked under these fares. You may check with their customer support staff for exceptions, but I don’t think they will go out of their policy to provide you with a refund because the airline mentions it on their website.

  1. Lite fares

These are incredibly cheap fares with more restrictions than standard economy fares. There are even restrictions on carrying the weight of check-in luggage. You might have understood that the airline doesn’t allow you to cancel tickets booked under these fares. There is no point in contacting the support because they hardy provide exceptions on these fares.

  1. For inter-island flights

Besides the standard fare, Air Europa uses a specific fare category for inter-island flights. Again, there are certain cancellation charges and conditions for each fare type. It includes

  • A, Q, P, T Fares – Cancellations are allowed for a fee starting at EUR 60.

Y, B, S, R, U Fares – Cancellations and refunds are allowed.

5. Can you cancel an Air Europa Airlines flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can cancel your Air Europa Airlines flight within 24 hours of booking. You can use any of the abovementioned ways to place a cancellation request. If you are a resident of the US and your departure has seven or more days left, you will receive a full refund. The refund amount will be subjective to other passengers’ fares and travel types. You can check the exact breakdown above.

Still, if you are not confident about canceling the ticket by yourself, then we recommend you contact support for help, and they will do the process for you while explaining the fare and refund conditions.

If your agent booked the ticket, you wouldn’t get the option of canceling your key in your Air Europa account. Instead, you need to contact the agent for cancellation. The 24-hour cancellation is possible with agents, but it’s recommended to clear the conditions before confirming the ticket with an agent.

6. Can you cancel Air Europa Airlines flights for free?

Yes, the airlines allow free cancellations in certain conditions. If you paid more for your ticket and opted for free cancellation while booking, you will benefit from canceling tickets free of cost; however, if you forgot to notice the cancellation conditions while booking, check these details.

  • If your ticket is booked under Business Flex Fares or Flex Fares, then the airline will allow free cancellation on your booking. You can check the fare on your access by browsing it on Air Europa’s official website.
  • If you are a US resident and canceling your ticket within 24 hours and have seven or more days left on your date of travel, then you will receive the facility of free cancellation.
  • At last, if your agent booked your ticket under a special offer, you may get a free cancellation, but you need to check with the agent to avail of the benefit.

Fares like the standard economy and lite don’t allow you to place a cancellation request, while business-standard fares will allow you to cancel your ticket with a fee. Make sure you check the breakdown mentioned above to get the exact information.

7. How to avoid Air Europa Airlines’ change and cancellation fees?

The airline is strict about its policies and mentions the exact conditions on its official website. So, we don’t think they will entertain any exceptions by going out of the way of their per-mentioned policies. The legal way to avoid cancellation charges is by booking your ticket under special fares that allow free cancellation. If the 24-hour free cancellation policy applies to your booking, you may avail of the benefit.

However, if you think your case is genuine and the airline will support you with free cancellations, try connecting with their support using the chat or call option. Maybe they will entertain your request and provide free cancellation. Tickets booked with agents need to be checked separately.

8. Does Air Europa Airlines refund for canceled flights?

Yes, if your ticket is booked under Business Standard Fares or A, Q, P, T Fares, then the airline will refund you the money after deducting the penalty. You can check the breakdown we mentioned above to understand the sentences.

The airline provides a full refund for business flex fares and flex fares, while there is no refund for economy standard fares and lite fares. It may sound a little complicated, but you can check the ticket to find out the food it’s booked under or contact their support.

Air Europa cares for its passengers and always provides a refund on time if applicable. Even they clearly show the refund amount you will get while canceling online.

9. How do you cancel an Air Europa Airlines flight with insurance?

The airline doesn’t mention the precise guidelines for canceling tickets booked with insurance. Still, we guess the process must be the same, and having insurance shouldn’t impact the cancellation of your booking.

It would help you connect with the airline’s customer support or your agent to get the correct information.

10. Can I cancel my Air Europa Airlines Flight and Get a refund?

You can indeed cancel your ticket with Air Europa to get a refund. However, the cancellation and refund amount depends on the type of fare selected while booking and the sector you travel to.

We have made it easier by mentioning the breakdown for you. Check it before you go ahead to cancel your ticket. In case of confusion, you can post your questions in the comments or directly check with the airlines for a quick resolution.

11. What should I do if my flight gets canceled?

If your flight gets canceled, it’s a mistake from the airline’s end. They will arrange a full refund for you or else they will adjust you in some other departure. Depending on your call, the airline will decide based on your comfort.

At times they might ask you for out-of-the-box exceptions, but at last, it depends on whether you want to fly or opt for a full refund. Don’t worry a lot because it happens in rare cases, and mostly, they will arrange a same-day departure.

12. Can I cancel my Air Europa Airlines flight for free?

Yes, you can cancel your Air Europa flight if you opt for free cancellations while booking. If not, you need to check the fare your ticket is booked under. Some foods allow free cancellations, while others will charge you a fee. Some foods don’t allow cancellations at all.

We have mentioned the breakdown above. Please check that to clear all your confusion. You need to check with your agent in case of agent booking.

13. What is Air Europa Airlines’ same-day cancellation policy?

The airlines allow you to cancel your ticket within 24 hours and provide a full refund for such cancellations if you are a US resident and your departure date is seven or more days left. The same-day cancellation policy doesn’t apply to other passengers flying from different countries.

Make sure you cancel your ticket within 24 hours to avail the benefit. Standard cancellation terms will apply to your booking if you fail to cancel within 24 hours.

14. Can you cancel an Air Europa Airlines flight booked with Miles?

Yes, you may cancel an Air Europa flight booked with miles, but the airline nowhere mentions the refund guidelines on their official website. Most airlines refund entire miles to your account, but it’s not said in Air Europa’s case.

Connecting with the airline’s customer support is recommended before you cancel the tickets booked with miles. They might have a penalty, but they haven’t mentioned it on their official website. Even there is no point in checking with a travel agent.

15. How to use Air Europa Airlines credit from a canceled flight?

Like many other airlines, Air Europa also provides you with the option to take a refund of canceled flights in your wallet. If you are a frequent flyer, it’s a great option because you don’t have to use your bank account whenever you book a ticket with the airline. Just make payment using the money lying in your wallet.

Using the amount is simple, and you must follow the standard booking procedure. Go to their website and select the route you wish to travel; add details and confirm your booking. You will find the payment options; select the wallet option, and they will deduct the amount from your airline’s wallet.

If you don’t have sufficient money in your wallet to pay, you can combine other payment methods to book your tickets. It’s a safe and convenient option but only works if you book the ticket yourself. Like your agent cannot use the amount in your wallet to make a booking on his id.

16. What is Air Europa Airlines’ flight cancellation refund policy?

If you booked a ticket under Business Standard Fares or A, Q, P, T Fares, you are eligible to receive a full refund upon cancellation from the airlines. Either you can request a refund in your Air Europa wallet or a reversal in the original payment method.

The amount you paid using your bank can be refunded in your airline’s wallet, but the amount you used to pay using your wallet cannot be refunded to your bank account. Also, you can expect your refund back in seven working days. The reimbursement process is much faster if you have a request for a refund in the wallet.

That’s all about Air Europa’s cancellation policy. It’s a bit trickier, but we hope you can now understand. Still, if you have any questions or doubts, please let us know in the comments below. We will be happy to help.