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Air Europa Name Change Policy

It’s obvious to make mistakes when we book a ticket in a hurry. Most of you make blunders in your name, middle name, and last name. When you re-check your ticket, you get a shock that might cost you money for correction. Luckily, most airlines provide an easy name change policy that allows anyone to change letters in their name or even update the full name.

However, Air Europa is pretty strict with its name-changing guidelines and doesn’t allow you to completely change the name on your airline ticket. They can provide exceptions in certain situations, but it will be a troublesome process if you have made a huge blunder and want to change your name on Air Europa’s ticket completely.

Also, the airlines don’t provide any option to change the name online. You need to contact their customer support for help, which is a hassle. It’s better to be attentive while providing a name to this airline.

However, if you are reading this after doing a blunder or willing to change the name under special circumstances, just go through the guidelines we mentioned below.


1. What is Air Europa Airlines Name Change Policy?

As we mentioned, changing the name will be difficult with this airline because of these troublesome guidelines.

  • The policy only applies to flights operated by Air Europa. That means if you have a connecting flight or codeshare flight with any other airlines, you need to contact them separately for a name change. It cannot happen through Air Europa’s portal.
  • Once the reservation is made, the airline doesn’t allow passengers to change their names on the itinerary. If you have misspelled a few words, it’s fine, but it’s pretty difficult to change the entire name.
  • As a relief, the airlines allow you to change up to three letters on your name without fees. For example – If your name is Allen smith and you spelled it as Alien smooth, then the airline will allow you to correct those three mistyped letters. But if it’s more than you don’t have any other option. However, there can be certain exceptions, and we have discussed them in this article.

If you are yet to book your tickets with this airline, we recommend you to be attentive while providing your name, or you will make a big mess that is difficult to clear.

2. How to Change Name on Air Europa Airlines Ticket?

When you understand the guidelines, let’s quickly explore the process you must follow to change your name on an Air Europa airlines ticket. Again, it’s different from other major airlines.


1. Through customer support

  • To change the name of your airline ticket, you need to visit Air Europa’s official website.
  • Please scroll down to the bottom of the website to find the help option where you can contact them using their customer support number, which is 1 844 415 39 55. Explain to them the blunder you have made. 
  • Under normal circumstances, the support will help you based on the above guidelines and allow you to change up to three letters in your name. But you can always request exceptions. 
  • At last, they will issue a new ticket with an updated name. You will receive a text message and email confirming that your name has been updated. 
  • Now visit your profile page then go to reservations to check if the changes have been applied successfully. 
  • Now you may travel like you normally do, without any hesitation! 


2. Through chat support

If you are running out of time, then Air Europa also allows you to change your name through chat via social media. Follow these steps to update your name via social media.

  • Visit their official website and search for the “do you need help” option.
  • Under that page, scroll down to find contact Air Europa contact options.
  • Here you will find two options: Facebook and Twitter.
  • Visit the option you are comfortable with and contact the airline’s support through the chat option. Explain to them your issue to get an immediate solution.
  • Their office hours are 07:00 to 24:00 (Monday to Friday) and 09:00 to 22:00 (Saturday, Sunday, and public and bank holidays).
  • It’s an easy option for those who don’t like to wait in the calling queue of customer support, even best for those who are hesitant to talk.


3. By visiting the airline’s office

If you can easily find their office nearby, then it’s the best option to visit personally and get your name updated. Also, this option works best if you are looking for exceptions.

  • Visit the same “Do you need help” option from the airline’s official website.
  • Scroll down to find the list of offices.
  • There you will find two options: First option shows you the list of domestic the offices, and in the second option, they provide you a list of international offices. Select the one you are comfortable with and get the address.
  • Visit the airline’s office and follow the procedures to update the name.
  • This option is not worth trying if you live far from the place. The company provides a similar service online, and it’s better to avail of those services instead of running around.


4. Through website or airport kiosk

Please don’t rely on these options in the case of Air Europe because their website has no option to update the name manually. Other airlines provide a service for passengers to change their name by themselves, but Air Europa is strict with its policies and doesn’t have the option to update the name online.

Also, don’t wait until the day of your flight to change the name at the airport kiosk or request the ground staff to update your name so you can travel. They don’t have any option to change your name at the airport, and cancelling the ticket at the last moment will leave you with no refunds at all.

In total, you only got three options to change the name. Just contact their support and ask for help. Even you can visit their officel, but that delays the process, and it’s recommended to call and immediately sort the issue. Their staff is helpful and understands the problems faced by customers.

3. Does Air Europa Airlines offer a name change waiver?

Most other airlines allow you to change your name for a fee. At times they offer a name change waiver to their loyal customers for improved customer service. But the case is completely different with Air Europa.

The airline doesn’t provide a name change waiver because it doesn’t allow to change the name in the first place. As mentioned in the airline guidelines, they allow you to change up to three letters in your name, free of cost.

If you have booked a ticket with an agent, you may request them to change your name. They might charge a fee for this additional service but remember the airlines never request any money to update the name on your ticket.

Even you can eliminate the agent by performing the name-changing steps mentioned above. Ensure you are handy with the PNR number and your name details whenever you call customer service. It will make things easier for you.

4. How to change the last name on Air Europa Airlines ticket?

Normally, the airline doesn’t allow you to change your last name on the ticket completely. But in some exceptional cases or extreme conditions, they do change, but you need to provide the relevant proof stating why you are willing to change your last name.

For example – In the case of marriage, you must provide the marriage certificate.

If you don’t have any valid reason, then the policy of editing up to three letters will apply to your surname. You cannot completely change your last name on Air Europa’s airline ticket without proof.

The last option is to cancel the ticket and book a new one with an updated name. The cancellation policy works differently depending upon the case and circumstances. You can browse the airline’s help pages to get exact details about the cancellation policy. Make sure you thoroughly check the refund structure before canceling the ticket because, sometimes, you get no refund.

5. How does Air Europa Airlines' legal name change work?

Air Europa nowhere describes how their legal name change works. If you are required to change your name in case of any legal circumstances, then you will find yourself in the hands of their customer support. Indeed, they take out of the way decisions in special conditions, but the airline doesn’t mention how their legal name change policy works.

The same name change policy will apply. You can demand exceptions from their customer support but make sure you display supporting proofs that make their work easier and benefit you. Simply saying that you need to change the name because of legal issues will not work.

Also, you can visit their office if you are not getting any help from their customer support or social media handles.

6. How to change a name on Air Europa Airlines Ticket Due to marriage or divorce?

Again, the airline doesn’t describe the name change policy in case of marriage or divorce. Where most Airlines accept these requests demanding

  • You must show the proper certificates related to marriage or divorce.
  • And you have to pay the service charges for a name change.

However, the case is completely different in Air Europa’s policies. They nowhere mention the exact policy to be followed under these conditions. That means you are left with two options.

  • Contact their customer support to make special name change requests by showing the relevant proofs. You can even visit their office to meet the staff personally.
  • If contacting support doesn’t work, you must cancel your booking and make a new one with an updated name.

Make sure you book a ticket with correct details in advance because the airline is strict with their name change policy, and you may be in big trouble.

7. How to request a name change with Air Europa Airlines?

The airline allows you to change up to three letters in your name without any cost. Completely changing your name, middle name, or the last name is still impossible with the airline under normal circumstances. For exceptions, you can contact their support for help. As of now, Air Europa provides these options for the name on your ticket.

  1. You can contact their customer support via a call to place a name-changing request at 1 844 415 39 55. Earlier the airline used to provide a similar service through email, but now it’s discontinued, and they don’t have any email for passengers to contact.
  2. Suppose you are uncomfortable talking with the representative using social media chat support. Visit the “Do you need help” option from their official website, open the customer service option, and under the contact Air Europa option, you will find a link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. There you can request a name change using chat support.
  3. The last option to change the name with Air Europa airlines is to visit their office. Visit the same “Do you need help” option and scroll down to find the list of their domestic and international offices. Select the one nearest to your location and request the staff to make the necessary changes. Even it’s the best place to request exceptions.

Where other airlines provide the name change option via the official website or airport kiosk, Air Europa is completely against it. They don’t provide a name-changing service at these locations. It’s better to contact them in advance instead of waiting for the last day.

IF you have booked the ticket through a travel agent, you need to request them to perform these steps for you. However, if they charge a huge sum just for a name change, then do it yourself because Air Europa will change up to three letters of your name for free.

8. Is it possible to change the nickname to the full name of Air Europa Airlines?

If your nickname requires you to change up to three letters to convert it into your full name, then the airlines will surely do it for you at no extra cost. For example – your nickname is Joe Robert, and your full name is John Robert, then the airlines will easily make changes for you. You need to contact their support using above mentioned ways. But if your nickname is Dora Jones and you want to change it to Neilia Jones, then it’s not possible.

The airline is pretty strict about its name change policy. Sometimes, they agree to make notable changes demanding you submit the relevant proof, but mostly you have to cancel the ticket and make a new booking with an updated name.

If it’s a blunder by your travel agent, you need to ask him to do the process for you. You cannot change the name by paying fees like other airlines.

9. What are legal ways to change the name on the Air Europa Airlines booking?

Air Europa is strict with its name change policy and doesn’t describe the details you need to follow in case of divorce or marriage. However, the airline describes four legal ways to change up to three letters of your name. For exceptions, you need to contact their staff. The ways include.

  • Visit the help page of their website to find the customer support details and connect them via a call to get an immediate resolution for the name-changing issues. There is no email support, so don’t search for that.
  • From the same page, you can get in touch with their customer support on social media like Facebook and Twitter, where the airlines accept your name-changing request via chat support.
  • Under the help option, you can find the name and addresses of their registered offices. Visit their office for special name-changing requests.
  • In the case of other legal issues like marriage and divorce, you need to contact their support for exceptions. Sometimes they help customers by changing the full name, but you must submit copies of related documents. They don’t describe the documents you need, contact them to ask about the same.
  • If your travel agent booked the ticket for you, you need to ask them to connect with the airlines and make the necessary changes. They might ask for a fee if it’s a mistake from your end.

Lastly, if no name-changing option works, you can cancel the ticket, take your refund as per the cancellation policy and book another ticket with updated names.

10. Can I change my surname on the ticket with Air Europa Airlines after marriage?

Yes, Air Europa Airlines provides you with an option to make minor changes to your name without any cost. You can request their staff to change up to three letters of your name, and they will do it without asking any questions.

However, suppose your name and surname are completely changed after marriage. In that case, you need to contact their support and make a special request by showing a copy of your previous documents and marriage certificate.

The airlines don’t describe the specific name-changing policy in case of marriage. So, the solution will be based upon their staff’s discretion. They may or may not change your name. In the end, you always have the option to cancel and make a new booking.

11. How much does changing a name on an Air Europa Airlines ticket cost?

Air Europa doesn’t charge anything to change the name on your ticket. They allow passengers to update up to three letters of their name on the ticket for free. You can contact their support to place the request as the feature is unavailable on their official website.

If you booked the ticket through any travel agency, you need to contact them to complete the process. Airline doesn’t charge anything, but if you made any mistake and provided the wrong name to the agency, they might ask you for a fee to correct the same.

However, you can always eliminate the agency by directly contacting the airlines. You need to provide your ticket details like PNR, Name, etc.

12. How do I change my name on my Air Europa Airlines account?

Changing the name on your Air Europa airline account is pretty easy, and you can complete the process using your mobile phone or desktop. Follow these steps to change the name of your account.

  • Visit their official website and log in using your credentials.
  • Open my account option, and under that, open my profile option.
  • Here you will find the credentials you provided during signup.
  • Use the edit option to make the necessary changes and save your details.
  • Now onwards all your bookings will be made with the new name.

However, changing the name on your account will not change the name on your existing bookings. You need to contact their support to change the name on all your old bookings.

13. Can you fly if your name is spelled wrong?

No, you cannot! These days airlines have become very strict with their policies, and due to this, they don’t allow anyone to fly with a wrongly spelled name. Your name must match word by word from your identity documents.

Imagine a terrorist traveling in your place because his name is slightly different from yours. It will be a huge security lapse that will put all other passenger’s life in danger. That is why airlines are very strict about their name-changing policies.

With Air Europa Airlines, you can change up to three letters of your name, but the service is unavailable at the airport. You need to contact their online customer support to make necessary changes. Make sure to complete the process at least 24 hours before departure, or else it will be a big hassle for you at the airport.

14. How can I correct my name on the flight ticket?

You cannot correct the name yourself; the airline doesn’t provide the option on their website to change the name for pre-booked tickets manually. Their staff can only perform this action. To make a name correcting request, you need to connect with their staff, contact them online, or visit their office if you have some special requests.

Moreover, if you have booked the tickets through an agent, you need to contact them for help. Your agent has to follow the process mentioned above to make the necessary changes for you.

Please do not leave the airport without correcting your name on the ticket because even a slight word mismatch will lead to denied boarding. Also, there is no option at the airport to change your ticket. They will ask you to cancel your flight and make a booking for the next departure, which will cost you a lot of money.

15. Does Air Europa Airlines require a middle name on the ticket?

No, it’s not compulsory to provide your middle name while making a booking with Air Europa. But you must provide your first name and last name.

With that, there are no restrictions if you want to provide your middle name, but make sure you spell the full name correctly or there will be a huge problem. Your middle will unnecessarily take a huge space and might cut your last name in the boarding pass. So, if not necessary, then please don’t mention it.

Also, make sure your name on the ticket matches the name on your passport or any other ID you will produce for verification. That means if your ID doesn’t contain the middle name, please don’t mention it on your ticket. You might end up creating trouble for yourself.

16. Does your airline ticket name have to match your passport?

Yes, of course! The name on your ticket must exactly match the name on your passport. Even a single misspelled word will create big trouble for you, and the airlines will deny you boarding.

Not only a passport, in case you are traveling domestically and have a government id with you like a driving license, id card, or any other document. Make sure your name matches the one mentioned on the identity document you are producing for verification.

Please double-check your ticket after booking because the airline will not allow you to travel if your provided name doesn’t match the one on the documents. If know it earlier, then you can contact the customer service staff, and they will update up to three letters of your name for free.

However, if you get to know about it in the end moment, then no one will help you with a solution at the airport. The last option is to cancel the booking, miss your flight and get a new ticket by paying a much higher price, to change the name!

That’s why it is very important to have the correct name, and if you make mistakes, please correct them before arriving at the airport.

I hope you got all your answers related to the name change policy of Air Europa Airlines. Still, if you think we missed some important points, please let us know in the comments below. We will try to answer them at the earliest.