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AirEuropa Pet Policy

Your pawed friends always need special attention at home or traveling with you. There is a massive increase in love for dogs and cats, due to which most people now have them as a pet, and of course, you cannot travel without them when going for long durations.

You might be willing to carry dogs, cats, and other animals on an Air Europa flight. The good news is you can carry your pet, demanding you fulfill all the requirements described by the Airlines.

They have separate policies for carrying various animals in a cabin and hold. Also, it depends on your type of travel. We have simplified the Air Europa Airlines Pet Policy so that you don’t face any inconvenience while traveling with your buddy.

We have also answered all possible questions about the pet policy that may arise in your mind. Read until the end to get the best-updated information about carrying your pet on an Air Europa Flight.


1. What is Air Europa Airlines Pet Policy?

Every airline has a pet policy, but it is most complicated and demands more. It’s the same with Air Europa. Please make sure you thoroughly go through the guidelines below so. You won’t face any problems while traveling. You can always contact the airline’s customer support if you face any problems.


General guidelines

  • Your pet must be accompanied by you or any authorized representatives throughout the travel.
  • Reach early at the airport so their staff can complete the necessary procedure and documentation for your pet’s travel.
  • The airlines allow to carry up to five pets per passenger in the cabin or the hold.
  • You can carry more pets but cannot book them online. Instead, contact the airline’s cargo department at 934 90 40 38.
  • If you are flying to or from the UK, then the only option to book a pet is via their cargo department.
  • Make sure your pet is vaccinated for rabies and other possible diseases based on the type of pet. You must carry documentation for the same.
  • The pet can carry in the cabin depending on size, species, weight, and breed. We have explained the specific condition below in this article.


To carry pets on board.

The airlines will allow you to carry your pet in the cabin if your pet matches these conditions. Go through point by point because even a single miss will result in denied boarding or a huge hassle at the airport.

  • Pets allowed on short and medium-haul flights include dogs, cats, fish, aquarium turtles, small birds (except birds of prey), and some rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, and small rabbits).
  • For long-haul or international flights like Brazil, Madrid, etc.., only allow you to carry cats and dogs inside the cabin. However, if you are traveling in the business class, you cannot carry any pet inside.
  • All pets, especially dogs and cats, must have taken the necessary vaccinations. You must carry proofs for the same.
  • Yourou pet must be at least three months old to travel medium- and long-haul flights.
  • You need an approved carrier to keep them inside, so your pet doesn’t harm other passengers.
  • You can carry a maximum of 3 pets inside the allowed container if all pets are of the same species. Make sure they do not exceed the permitted number or weight, or you will find yourself in a problem.
  • You need to pay extra fees to carry your pets inside the cabin; it is a non-refundable service. Make sure to book tickets when you are 100% confirmed about traveling with your pet.
  • Prices may be subjected to taxation based on the laws of certain countries. You will find that out while booking.
  • The maximum container measurement to carry inside the aircraft must be not more than 55 x 35 x 25 cm.
  • With that, all your pet’s weight inside the container must not exceed 8kg, and the overall weight of the container must not exceed 10 kg.

There are so many conditions, and the airlines demand a lot to carry your pawed friends inside with you. However, if your pet doesn’t meet these conditions, you must carry them in the cargo hold. There are separate guidelines to carry them on hold. Let’s understand them.


To carry pets on hold.

A team of professionals runs the airline, and there is nothing to worry about regarding your pet’s safety inside the hold. But make sure you follow these guidelines so they can easily accept your pet inside the hold.

  • The airlines only allow transporting of cats and dogs inside the hold. You need to carry the rest other species inside the cabin. Also, cargo is a different department; you cannot book space for your pets inside the cargo hold from their official website. Call this number for bookings: 934 90 40 38.
  • All your pets must be vaccinated, and you must provide proof. Then only the airlines will accept them inside the hold.
  • Your pets must carry inside the approved carrier with proper ventilation, so they don’t suffocate due to in-flight heat.
  • In one container, you can carry a maximum of two pets of the same size, and the weight shouldn’t exceed 14kg in each container. With that, your pets must be trained to stay together inside one container, or they will fight throughout the flight, which may result in severe consequences like extreme injuries or even unforeseen death.
  • If the weight exceeds each container, you need to contact the cargo department for help. You can use the number provided above.
  • The airline charges a fee to carry your pets inside the hold. It depends on the type of pet and your destination. We have added the charge structures below in this article.
  • Make sure your container has the good built-in quality and is approved for air travel by International Air Transport Association (IATA). Poor quality welded, or wire mesh containers are not allowed inside the hold. The one with metal doors is the best!
  • Big-sized and potentially dangerous dogs can even cut the metal doors because of in-flight stress. That’s why they must wear a muzzle throughout their travel. The airlines only accept dangerous animals if you carry them inside a high-quality reinforced container.
  • Once booked, the amount cannot be refunded, so confirm you are 100% sure about traveling with your pet.
  • The weight of your pet and carrier must not exceed 50kg.


Other pets

On their website, Air Europa has separately described the definition and guidelines for transporting brachycephalic, service pets, potentially dangerous pets, and special requirement pets. If you got a special pet that falls in these categories, then take some time to go through the airline’s help page for specific information.

Don’t book blindly without understanding the special conditions for these pets, or you might find yourself in a problem.

That sums up all conditions required to carry your pet on an Air Europa flight. First, identify the type and weight of your pet, then browse toe categories accordingly. It is good to keep your pet with you whitravelinging on a fli, light but at times you don’t have a choice but to have options with this airline.

2. Is it safe to ship my pet with Air Europa Airlines Cargo?

Carrying a pet inside the cargo hold of Air Europa is completely safe because the airline takes responsibility for it. However, make sure you make any mistakes from your end. Like carry your pet inside a strong metal container and follow all guidelines we mentioned above.

They regularly ship pets in the cargo hold, and the airline got a huge experience of doing so with minor complaints. You can trust them with your pet, and carrying a pet in cargo is safe.

If you still doubt the process and wish how your pet will be taken care of, then call the airline’s cargo department to get the exact information. They will help you with the correct details. Do not try to connect with customer support for this query because cargo is a different department, and the customer service representative will not be able to answer it correctly.

3. How much does it cost to reserve a pet?

The airline charges decently to carry pets on their aircraft, and the rates are comparatively better than their competitors. But they have a separate list of charges to carry pets inside the cabin and hold them. Also, it depends on your destination. We have mentioned the correct breakdown as per the current policy. Check your destination and the currency below.

For Animals in the cabin

This rate list will apply if your pet can travel with you in the cabin. First, check the guidelines to take pets inside the cabin, then browse the rates.

  1. If you are traveling to Mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, And the Canary Islands, you need to pay EUR 25, USD 27, GBP 18, or CHF 25.
  2. Passengers traveling to Europe and Africa have to pay EUR 50, USD 55, GBP 36, or CHF 50
  3. If you are on a long haul (international flight), you need to pay EUR 150, USD 165, GBP 110, and CHF 150.
  4. Passengers traveling to Canary Islands/Balearic Islands have to pay EUR 9, USD 10.4, GBP 8, or CHF 9.

No specific rates depend upon the type of pet. If your pet qualifies to go in a cabin, you must pay according to the abovementioned prices.

For Animals in Hold

If your dog is a big pet or a dangerous pet that cannot travel inside the cabin, then you need to pay the below prices to carry them inside the cargo hold.

  1. If you are traveling to Mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands, you must pay EUR 90, USD 100, GBP 64, or CHF 90 to carry your pets in the cargo hold.
  2. The passengers traveling to the Canary Islands, Europe, and Africa need to pay EUR 100, USD 110, GBP 71, or CHF 100.
  3. For long-haul and international flights, you need to pay EUR 300, USD 350, GBP 260, or CHF 350.
  4. Passenger traveling to Canary Islands/Balearic Islands with a pet in the hold has to pay EUR 20, USD 20.2, GBP 17.7, and CHF 20.

You can pay this amount while booking the ticket, but if you don’t find the option or face other problems, contact their support, and they will help you with the booking.

If you book with a travel agent, they will take care of the prices and policy. But make sure you check the guidelines to carry the pet inside.

4. Does Air Europa Airlines allow pets in a cabin on international flights?

Yes, you can carry your pet inside the cabin on an international flight, but the airlines will only allow you to carry a cat or dog. With that, you must carry them inside the approved container, and the overall weight of your pet and the container must not exceed 10kg.

You cannot carry other pets internationally with Air Europa because the airline only allows you to carry a cat or dog inside the hold. If you have anoanotherpet that you wish to take with you on an international flight, then we recommend you choose another airline.

Air Europa’s pet policy clearly explains that they don’t allow to carry other pets instead of dogs and cats on an international flight. Not in the cabin, nor in cargo. Still, you can check with their staff, but we don’t think they will amend their policy and agree to this exception.

5. How do I reserve a pet on an Air Europa Airlines flight?

The airlines don’t provide you the option to book a pet with an online ticket. Instead, first, you need to identify the category of your pet. Like, if he is fit to travel in cargo or hold. You can do so by checking the details mentioned above.

Suppose your pet is fit to fly inside the cabin; contact their customer support at 1 844 415 39 55. They will explain all the necessary details for carrying a pet and make your booking. However, please don’t wait till the last moment for booking; we recommend you to do it at least 48 hours before the date of travel.

If your pet needs to travel in the hold, arrange the approved container and contact the airline’s cargo department at 934 90 40 38. The department that manages cargo and holds is different, and a customer service guy won’t be able to help you with the correct information.

Don’t try to find the option for reserving a pet online because the airline doesn’t provide an option for that.

6. What methods of transport does Air Europa Airlines Air Lines provide for my pet?

The airline provides two methods to transport pets inside their aircraft. Either you can carry your pet inside the cabin, or you may carry them inside the cargo hold. Depending upon the destination, they charge a different amount for each type of carriage. We have mentioned the exact breakdown of pricing and carrying guidelines. Check them before you book your travel with Air Europa.

There are no other means of carrying a pet inside their aircraft. Also, you cannot send the pet alone. They must be accompanied by you and another authorized representative that can take care if anything goes wrong.

7. Does my pet qualify for travel in the passenger cabin?

If you got a small pet under 8kg, he might qualify to travel inside the cabin. But a few more conditions determine his eligibility. Check the guidelines mentioned in this article to know the exact details about carrying your pet inside the cabin.

Also, ensure you identify your pet correctly because the airline has definitions of special and service pets on their official website. If your pet falls under those specific categories, then the conditions might differ from the normal ones we mentioned.

If you still find it difficult to find correct information, contact the airline’s customer support for help. They have a professional team that helps you with all your pet-related queries.

8. Does Air Europa Airlines limit the number of pets allowed in the cabin per flight?

The airline allows carrying five pets per passenger in the cabin or hold. If you want to carry more pets, you need to check details with their cargo team or increase the number of passengers traveling.

However, taking five pets with you doesn’t mean you can carry them all inside the cabin. Furthermore, the airline restricts the number of pets you can carry inside the cabin or in the hold. For a cabin, you can carry up to three pets inside the container, and the container and pets’ overall weight must not exceed 10kg.

For cargo hold, they allow to carry up to 50kg per container and a maximum of two pets in each container.

9. What are the pet carrier requirements at Air Europa Airlines?

The airline has a detailed pet requirement policy that differs from carrying a pet in the cabin or hold. We have mentioned the exact details with the charges you need to pay depending upon the sector you are flying into. Please scroll above in the article to get the exact breakdown.

We have tried to explain the process in the simplest way possible; However, if you still face issues understanding the terms and conditions, you can contact the airline’s customer support to get the exact information. They provide the option to connect via call, chat, or visit the nearby office.

They got good reviews for efficiently handling the passengers and pets on board. So, don’t worry because you will easily get the resolution for your problem.

10. What health documentation is required?

For dogs and cats, the demand for vaccination certificates for rabies. But for other pets, they don’t describe the specific type of vaccination requirement. You can carry the certificate of normal vaccination that your pet has got recently.

Check with your vet about the necessary vaccination requirement for your pet traveling on the flight. A doctor can help you with the best answer depending on the vaccination rules worldwide. In the end, you always have the option to contact the airline’s support for the final resolution.

Also, some airports provide the facility of on-spot vaccination. To avail of that facility, you need to check if the airport is providing that facility or not, and please reach early so that if anything happens, you get some time to solve it. Even the on-spot vaccination will take some time to make you manage to have those extra minutes, and you don’t miss your flight.

11. Do I need a new health certificate for my pet's return trip?

The airline hasn’t mentioned the clear guidelines related to pet vaccination on their website’s help pages. Air Europa’s customer support is the last option to check in-depth details about pet vaccination. Call them for help or use the chat option on the website to immediately get a resolution.

Few websites on the Internet explain the vaccination requirement for pets, but we don’t recommend you to make decisions based on information provided by a third-party website. Because they are not authorized by the airline, and if anything happens, no one will take full responsibility. You will find yourself in a big problem.

Moreover, you might miss your flight if you get the wrong information and the airport doesn’t have an on-spot vaccination facility. So, it’s important to only grab the correct information from trusted sources.

12. How old does my pet have to be to travel?

The airline doesn’t have an age limit to carry pets on a domestic flight, but if you are taking an international flight, your pet must be at least three months old. Long-haul flights take several hours to reach the destination, and your pet might suffer from in-flight stress and other problems.

Getting a vet on a flying plane is difficult if your pet doesn’t receive immediate care. He might build permanent problems. That’s why the airline has an age limit for international flights whereas for domestic ones you can carry them without worrying about their age. Mention, older pets are easier to handle than newborn ones.

13. How many pets can fly in a single kennel?

When it comes to carrying pets in a kennel, the airline has a separate guideline for carrying them in a cabin or the hold. First, check the abovementioned details to figure out where your pet can travel, then check these limits.


Air Europa allows you to carry up to three pets in a single kennel inside the cabin. However, you need to ensure that all those pets match each other in size and have a habit of staying together s,o it doesn’t disturb other passengers on board. With that, each container must not weigh above 10kg.

In Hold

The airline allows you to carry up to two pets, one in the hold. It would help if you made sure that both pets are of the same breed and have a habit of staying together so that they don’t fight and hurt each other throughout the flight. Also, each container must be of good quality and cannot weigh more than 50kg.

14. What Size will Pet Carrier Fit Under an Airline Seat Air Europa Airlines?

The airline mentions that the size of your carrier must not exceed 55 x 35 x 25cm to perfect fir under your seat. Depending upon the size of your pet, you can even go for a smaller alternative, and it will easily fit inside the aircraft’s seat, and you will have a comfortable journey throughout.

However, taking a bigger carrier than the described limit might result in denied boarding at the airport. Even it’s hard to get a new kennel immediately. So, it is better to follow the prescribed directions.

15. Does Air Europa Airlines Have a Weight Limit for Pets?

Yes, the airline restricts the weight of pets you can carry inside the aircraft. They have separate guidelines that include.


Your pets’ weight must be under 8kg, and the overall weight of the carrier and pet cannot be more than 10kg. You can carry up to three pets inside one carrier.

In hold

Your pet cannot weigh more than 50kg to carry inside the hold. You are allowed to carry up to 2 pets inside each carrier for hold. Make sure the carrier is of good built-in quality.

16. How can I Confirm the Reservation for My Pet?

Air Europa doesn’t take online booking of pets through their official websites. First, you must check the pat carriage guideline mentioned at the top of this article to figure out where you can carry your pet. Either in the cabin or hold.

If your pet fits into carrying in the cabin, contact customer support for booking; if your pet is eligible to be carried inside hold, you need to connect with the airline’s cargo department for booking and other details.

That’s all about Air Europa Airlines Pet Policy; we tried to include as many details as possible.