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Air France Airlines Flight Change Policy

For any Air France Airlines flights booked via the Air France website, you may change your flight on or before the first day of validity without being charged as long as you follow these Login to your Air France account. Select Reservation reservation in the top right corner of the page. Locate your Reservation reservation under the My Reservations heading and click on it. Click on Flight Change under Manage My Booking.

Airlines can be notorious for their strict policies and nasty fees for flight changes and cancellations. Still, Air France offers a very generous policy for changing or canceling your flight. Find out all the details right here! Visit the Air France website and log in to your Air France account or create one if you do not have one yet.


1. What is the Air France flight change policy?

Depending on your carrier, you will generally have 24 hours to change or cancel a booking for free. If that isn’t enough time for you, Air France flights allow customers to make changes up until five days before departure. Some airlines may charge a fee, but if it’s a non-refundable ticket, the chances are that won’t happen. It just gives you some more leeway to plan. Check out our guide for more on how carriers do and don’t treat cancellation fees.

Of course, these policies apply to international flights and won’t necessarily use if you are booking domestic. Check out our guide to learn more about how airlines handle changes with your domestic flight. Changing or canceling an Air France ticket can be a breeze, and it is much easier if you know where to go for assistance.


We’ll help you through both options below so that no matter what kind of ticket you have, things will run smoothly when your plans change. Air France flights are operated by Air France, which means that changing or canceling a reservation can be done either at AirFrance KLM or Alitalia, depending on what airline they were initially booked with. If you want to make changes to an Air France flight, it is best to call their customer service line.

2. How to change or cancel your Air France flight?

Changing or canceling your Air France flight is simple; remember to do it no later than 24 hours before departure. To change your Air France flight online, log in to your account and go to My booking. You can also try visiting an airport or travel agency office in person.

Air France charges fees for changes or cancellations depending on how far out you are from your original departure date $150 if made within two weeks of departure, $300 if made within one week of leave, $400 if made within 48 hours of release and $500 after that point. Suppose there’s already a seat available on another Air France flight on your original route with lower cancellation fees, such as from Paris to New York.

Air France will transfer you to that flight without charging additional fees. In addition, Air France offers unique Cancellation Insurance for passengers who have purchased tickets using their miles or credit card points. This insurance covers up to 80 percent of unused ticket value toward future flights. Air France also has a flexible change policy which allows you to cancel your Air France flight up until 24 hours.

3. How to Change My Air France Air Lines Flight Booking?

Air France Air Lines allows you to change your ticket 90 days before departure. If you want to change your flights within 90 days of travel, you must pay an amendment fee and a fare difference. Air France will not refund any non-refundable charges such as taxes or fees for checked baggage if they are not taken with you on your new flight.

You should also be aware that other carriers may charge different fees when changing your ticket. Check their website or call ahead before booking with another airline after making changes through Air France. The easiest way to ensure a smooth experience while booking is by using our travel planner on Bravo fly.

Air France doesn’t allow name changes, so make sure you have double-checked your Air France ticket before booking flights with another airline. The easiest way to check which airlines accept changes is by using our travel planner on Bravo fly. If you book with a different airline than Air France, you will not likely be reimbursed for any incurred costs.

4. Can I cancel an Air France flight booked with miles?

You could cancel an Air France flight booked with miles and get a partial refund if you booked your flight through Aero plan. You’ll receive 50% of your miles back up to 500 miles for a one-way flight or 1,000 miles for a round trip. To cancel your Reservation, contact Air Canada directly within 14 days of booking. Visit Air Canada’s website for more information about canceling an Air France flight with miles.

As long as you book through Aero plan, you can cancel an Air France flight booked with miles and get a partial refund. For example, if you cancel more than seven days before your flight, you’ll receive 50% of your miles back. If you cancel less than seven days before your flight, you’ll only receive 25% of your miles back. It’s also important to note that it might be challenging to change or cancel.

An Air France ticket once it’s been issued, so make sure to keep track of all changes in case there is any difficulty with canceling or changing your Reservation. When you buy an Air France flight with miles, it can be more difficult to cancel or change your Reservation. You’ll need to contact Air Canada directly and explain why you’d like to cancel or change your reservation. Most airlines will allow changes but not cancellations on rewards tickets, so keep that in mind when booking with miles instead of paying cash for your access.

5. How much does it cost to cancel an Air France flight?

  • If you purchased your Air France flight tickets through a third-party website, then in most cases, you will be able to change your Air France flight reservations. However, there are several essential things that you need to know when changing your ticket. Airline ticket change policies vary by airline and depend on whether or not you have refundable or non-refundable access. When changing Air France tickets online, an additional fee may apply.

    You should make sure that you check these fees before making any changes to your flight reservation. In most cases, when you cancel a ticket with Air France, there is no change fee. Air France will charge a change fee plus any applicable fare difference between what you paid and what it costs to purchase a new ticket.

    No refunds or credits are given for new flights if you purchased a non-refundable ticket with Air France. If you bought a refundable ticket, then in most cases, Air France will issue a credit for future travel if canceled before the departure of your first scheduled flight. Air France’s time allows passengers to cancel their tickets before deviation varies by destination and ticket type.

    Air France allows passengers traveling on round-trip tickets to cancel one leg of their trip without incurring any penalties as long as they do so at least 24 hours before departure and provide a valid reason for cancellation

6. How to Change Air France Flight for Tickets through Third-Party:

Air France does not allow you to change or cancel your flight tickets yourself through third-party websites such as Orbit Travelocity and Expedia. You must contact Air France directly to do so. If you want to change your key or get a refund because of an error on Air France’s end, like overbooking, you can also use a third-party website as long as Air France authorizes it.

However, if there is no error on Air French’s part and you don’t want to fly with them anymore, they are not obligated to honor your request. You will have to pay $200 plus any difference in the ticket price for each leg of your flight. Air France would charge you $400 or more if you booked a round-trip ticket.

Suppose you paid for a non-refundable ticket through Air France directly. but only after spending an additional $200 fee per leg and any difference in ticket price between what Air France charges and what orbits Travelocity or Expedia charges. The total amount charged by Air France may exceed $1,000 depending on how much cheaper tickets from orbits Travelocity or Expedia are than those from Air France directly.

7. How do you change a flight on Air France without a fee?

Air France, like most airlines, has a strict change policy. If you decide to cancel or modify your flight, you may do so without a fee as long. as it is done within specific time frames, usually 24 hours to 72 hours before departure. For flights lasting up to five days and less than four hours for flights lasting more than five days. However, if you want to make changes after these time frames.

Air France will charge $250 per person per flight depending on how close to departure your new ticket is purchased. You will only be charged $50 extra if you decide to fly later in economy class instead of first-class, so it could be worth paying an additional $100 to avoid paying $250 per person.

The Air France change fee will not be charged if you miss your flight. However, you should note that your cancellation and change policies could differ drastically from Air France with an alternate carrier. For example, American Airlines charges $150 per person for changes to domestic flights within 24 hours of departure, $200 for international flights within 24 hours of release, and $250 for all other changes regardless of destination or timing.

8. How do you change a non-refundable Air France flight?

Change requests are not accepted if you book a non-refundable Air France flight. If you wish to reschedule your itinerary or cancel your reservation and request a refund, please get in touch with Air France Reservations. All decisions regarding refunds are made by Air France Reservations at their sole discretion and will depend on availability at the time of cancellation.

For more information on airlines, Refund policies, visit our section entitled Nonrefundable Airline Tickets. To change your Air France flight. Please get in touch with Air France Reservations or your travel agent who booked your reservation. Your request must be made at least 72 hours before departure time, after which time a charge of €100 will apply.

Suppose you do not provide all the necessary details, such as the new departure date and destination. You may be charged an additional fee by Air France Reservations or by a third-party service provider contracted by Air France. Any changes requested after 72 hours from departure will result in cancellation charges, and any refunds processed will be minus any cancellation charges

9. How do you change an Air France flight on the same day?

Air France’s change fee for domestic flights within France and Portugal, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and Andorra is €65. For flights between Europe and North America, it’s €70. You can change your reservation if you purchase a new ticket reservation change or use Air France miles or Flying Blue miles. Elite status holders may be able to book free changes. The most flexible option would be to pay a $100 fee each way per person on transatlantic trips and $75 on transpacific flights.

If you’d like to change your Air France flight to a different day, you can do so for $125 per ticket per direction. The fee is €75 if you travel from Europe to North America and $100 from Europe to elsewhere. To avoid paying fees when changing Air France flights, it’s best to book as far in advance as possible. Air France’s change policy is more flexible if you book within three days of departure or seven days of booking.

However, even with these limits, there are no guarantees that space will be available at any given time. Air France has two options for changing your Air France flight: You can change it online or contact them by phone. Online you’ll need to enter your confirmation number and other required information. You can also request a call back from Air France’s customer service if you prefer to speak to someone on the phone.

10. Can I make an Air France flight change within 24-hours of flight booking?

When you book a flight on Air France’s website, you will be able to make an Air France flight change if it is done within 24 hours. After that, you can only cancel your booking and get a refund. You can reschedule your flights with Air France anytime. If you have any travel plans in mind, call customer service, and they will help set up a new booking for flights of your choice.

You will still be charged a fee if no extra costs are required by the airlines that you want to fly on. Ensure to check out Air France’s website before calling to avoid getting confused about what flight or dates are best for your trip. As well as having access to Air France’s customer service you can also go into an Air France location and speak with someone face-to-face about any questions or concerns that you may have.

They can help set up flights for you and even advise how to plan your trip to save money. The Air France Flying Blue program is easy to earn points for future flights, upgrades, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. When booking a flight with Air France, sign up for their loyalty program as it will be beneficial when flying with them again.

11. Is it possible to get a refund for the unwanted flight change on Air France?

Changing your Air France flight can sometimes be impossible. The airline has specific conditions that make it difficult to change or cancel a flight, but there are still ways you can get around these conditions. For example, if you’re traveling with another person who also wants to cancel their flight, you can do so together and receive a full refund.

However, if both people want to change their flight at separate times and for different reasons, you will have trouble getting any money back. Before calling Air France’s customer service representatives, please read up on your airline’s policy for flight changes and check out its other options for refunds. For example, Air France has a 24-hour cancellation policy that allows you to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it without incurring fees.

If you don’t mind paying fees, there are also some ways around Air France’s strict policies. For example, if you need to make a last-minute change or cancellation because of an emergency like a death in a family or illness, then Air France might waive some of its fees. You can also call Air France’s customer service representatives before making any changes and ask them what they can do for you specifically.

12. Can I speak with Air France customer service for a flight change?

When you are booking a flight with Air France, one of your biggest concerns will be if there are any changes to your flight dates. Will it cause a cancellation fee, or will there be an alteration fee? One of your biggest concerns should not be whether you can speak with customer service for a flight change. While each airline is different, all Air France flights have at least 24 hours of cancellation policies.

When you call Air France customer service, they can let you know what is possible about changes in flight times or cancellations. When you call Air France customer service, they can help you determine if a cancellation fee or alteration fee will be incurred when you change your flight date or time.

13. What are the Steps to Change an Award Flight?

The following are step-by-step instructions to modify or cancel an award flight reservation. It is imperative that you carefully follow these instructions. If you do not, Air France reserves its right to cancel your award ticket and or mileage balance without any refund or reimbursement due to you. In addition, if Air France incurs additional costs e.g.

Booking fees as a result of your modification Air France reserves its right to charge these costs against your mileage balance at its sole discretion. Any expenses incurred for changing an award flight will be charged to your original payment method by Air France Travel Bank unless otherwise expressly indicated by airline policy on air France. If you have already submitted your reservation and wish to change or cancel it, please follow these steps. The cancellation/modification request must be made no later than 24 hours before departure.

14. Does Air France Allow Name & Date Change?

Yes, Air France allows name & date changes. However, there will be a fee of €150 for name change and €75 for date change per segment. This is applicable only when you change your ticket up to 04:00 hrs. before departure. The same policy applies to children as well, with a different fee of €150 for name change and €75 for date change per segment. Payment must be paid at least seven days before departure or when making your booking for non-residents.

Rebooking of seats will be possible within 07 days from the issue date. The fee is €150 per ticket plus any difference in fare, which may result due to fare revision. Changes not permitted Name change at all seats. Air France does not permit date changes for Europe and some points in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean except Martinique. Airline passengers who wish to make a change are asked to call their local office.

Air France allows name & date change only with a fee. The same rule applies to children. Airfare rules are similar to all airlines, and any changes need to be notified within seven days before departure. Rebooking of seats is possible without charge within seven days from booking, provided seats are available at that time. Changes not permitted Name change at all centers or date changes for Europe and some points in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean except Martinique.

15. What is the Same-Day Flight Change Policy?

Air France’s flight change policy states that one of these conditions must be met to accommodate a same-day flight change. Your original itinerary has a connection time of over five hours. The new flight is booked within 24 hours of departure on your original itinerary. The latest flight departs on a day within 24 hours of your initial scheduled day. At that point, you have an allotted window in which to make your flight change.

The critical thing to remember about Air France’s same-day flight change policy is that it’s for over five hours. If you’re making a booking within 24 hours of departure, no new ticketing is needed because your existing ticket covers same-day changes. Air France considers any segment on your journey longer than 5 hours as part of your connection time.

So if you had an outbound connecting flight lasting 3.5 hours and an inbound flight booked at 22:15, which would arrive at 23:10, you’d be covered by Air France’s 24-hour window. The critical thing to remember about Air France’s same-day flight change policy is that it’s for over five hours.

16. What changes Can You Make with Air France Airlines?

Air France allows customers to make changes and cancel their flights in addition to making refunds for a small fee. Changes that can be made include cancellation, date change, and rebooking of flight seats. A change fee is charged if you cancel or book more than 48 hours before your flight departs.

Air France requires full payment to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours or a no-show. Fare differences may also apply when changing your reservation with Air France. They charge additional fees depending on how far in advance your ticket was purchased, if it’s a discounted ticket etc. Air France does not refund any taxes and surcharges for changed or canceled tickets.

For example, If you change an Air France flight from Paris to New York City, Air France will charge you $85 for each segment of your trip from Paris to New York and then New York to Chicago. The cancellation fee for flights that depart more than 48 hours after the purchase is 15% of each segment plus any fare difference. Air France will assess a 15% charge for each part of a canceled itinerary plus any fare differences.


As shown in Case Study 1, a little flexibility goes a long way in managing business travel. If you can’t avoid booking on Air France but want some flexibility when traveling, consider booking a date-changeable ticket. I looked into getting a refund and changing my keys by calling customer service. However, if your schedule changes, you have to pay almost as much as what you paid for your original ticket.

According to their website, Air France doesn’t charge any fee for date changes; however, it’s still not free even if there are no fees charged which is precisely how businesses manipulate customers into spending more money since they think that it’s not that expensive instead of realizing that it is costly for what was initially offered.

In my case, I had a ticket from Paris to New York City on March 5th, and I wanted to change my flight, but when I called customer service, I found out that it would cost me USD 1,100 plus taxes for a flight on March 15th. That’s ridiculous if Air France wants me to pay USD 1,100 plus taxes because of a schedule change.