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Name Change Policy


Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy


1. What is Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy?

Under the policy by Alaska Airlines, it allows passengers to modify their names. For this modification, several points should be kept in mind. All the specifications are listed below

Under the 24 Hour Rule, you can make the changes in any type of reservation without paying extra money. For example, if you have booked your flight in recent hours you are allowed to change the name.

You can change your name by booking a new flight ticket which gives you an option to enter a new name

If you are changing the name after 24 hours then you are bound to pay $125 to make the necessary changes in your ticket.

If you are changing the middle name or last name of the passenger you must enter the correct password while logging in and no need to pay an extra amount.

In case of changing a whole name, you need to provide legal documents signed along with stamps provided by the authorized person.

If you have booked your tickets through a travel agent you need to inform him of desired changes. Another option is to contact airport customer service or go to the travel desk.

2. How to Change Name on Alaska Airlines Airlines Ticket?

To change the name on the ticket of Alaska Airlines, one should log in to the official website of the Airlines and follow the below-mentioned points:

To change name online

Login to the Official Website account.

Secondly, click on the Manage My Booking option.

Then you need to enter the passenger’s details like Passenger’s Name and a flight ticket number to access the account.

Select the ticket which needs to be modified

Modify the name on your flight ticket

Click on the continue button, you will get a message from the airlines about the changes.

Change the name on the ticket via Telephone.

This Airline allows changing the name via telephone by calling on the toll-free number

The customer care number for Alaska Airlines is 1-800-654-5669.

Inform the team about the required changes.

To change the name via Airport Kiosk

You can change the name on Airport Kiosk as well but it is least advisable to use this method for making corrections. You need to contact the airport facility to change the name on the ticket via Airport Kiosk.

3. Does Alaska Airlines Airline offer a name change waiver?

Alaska Airlines has eliminated change fees on the Main and First Class Tickets which makes travel easy. If anyone wants to cancel the trip last minute, there are a few things that should be kept in mind.

Though there will be no change charge applied while cancellation but if you buy a new ticket you need to pay a different fare.

According to the No Show policy, you need to change or cancel your tickets before the departure of the flight to receive a refund.

Same-day changes are applicable from the check-in window by paying a meager amount of $25-50. The fare price will not change

The saver fares will remain the same.

The saver fares which are purchased on or after May 1, 2021, can be canceled under the policy of 24-hour cancellation.

The saver fares which are purchased on April 30, 2021, can be canceled under the policy of peace of mind waiver for getting future credits.

4. How to change the last name on an Alaska Airlines airline ticket?

Mostly you won’t face any issues while making minor changes. You should change the name as soon as possible, even if you notice the mistake within 24 hours of reservations and the price of the ticket has not been changed. You can easily cancel your flight, take a refund, and book again. You might want to reach the authorities.

Sometimes you need to contact them via an app, to call on the helpline number, or get in touch by visiting them personally.

5. How does Alaska Airlines Legal name change work?

  • This policy implies when a passenger wants to change a name from which he has registered. The information should be valid, as many processes follow afterward. The name change policy includes numerous methods you can change your name. The desired fee for the changes, what time the request should be made, and how to change the name are stated. Alaska Airlines follows the rule book. In this book, all the steps are given for the required changes.

    You can change your last name on the ticket in case you have been divorced or recently got married.

    The airlines also give you the facility to get your first name, you need to submit your full name.

    You are allowed to change the letters in your name

    You can invert your names.

6. How to change a name on an Alaska Airlines Airlines Ticket Due to marriage or divorce?

The passengers need to keep a few points in mind when changing names after marriage comes into concern.

The Airlines allow fellow passengers to modify the desired changes into their respective names before departing a flight if there are some changes in their names after marriage or a divorce.

Alaska Airlines suggests that people must also be aware that there’s no need to change the name after marriage. But the Passenger needs to carry the marriage certificate along with the passport along with other required documents.

But in case of a Divorce, you need to make a call to Alaska Airlines Reservations to change your name on the ticket due to a legal name change because of a recent divorce. No additional fees need to be paid by the passenger.

How to change your legal name?

To begin with, you need to go to the official website of Alaska Airlines or dial +1 202-982-2463. If you have booked through a travel agent you need to inform him about the legal name changes.

Now click on Manage Booking Option

Next, you need to enter your last name and confirmation code

After that, you need to find your bookings and click on Flight Change

Choose the desired flight that you want to make changes on and modify your passenger name.

Lastly, pay the changing fees if asked. Else it won’t be necessary.

For a Legal Change in Name on account of a divorce or a marriage, a passenger needs to provide some legal documents which are stated below :

Essential Documents as proof for legal information which is modified.

Current proof of identity

Orders from the court.

Marriage certificate

Previous identification.

7. How to request a name change with Alaska Airlines Airlines?

The passengers who have entered a wrong name or misspelled the name can always request a name change to Alaska Airlines. The Airlines Customer Services are available on nearly every platform and provide services around the clock. The passenger needs to approach Customer Service via the helpline number provided or visit the airport directly and request a name change by asking for help from the support desk.

By calling on the helpline, you will get to talk with the agent who is going to guide you through your name-changing procedure.

At the airport, the agent is going to assist with the same. In case of a divorce or a marriage, you need to carry your official divorce certificate/marriage certificate as proof.

For other legal changes in the name, you need to provide the legal certificate with stamps and the signature of the authorized person

8. Is it possible to change the nickname to the full name of Alaska Airlines Airlines?

Alaska Airlines understands the needs and problems of customers that’s why the airline allows its passengers to change their names or correct their names in cases of emergencies. You can call on the helpline number of Alaska Airlines at 1-888-474-0163 or 1 (833) 584-0869) as soon as you realize the error of booking your ticket on a nickname.

Alaska mostly allows one-time minor changes of the name which are free of cost under the below-mentioned circumstances.

You can correct the name by changing only three letters in the name For Example Brittany for Britny or Britney.

Some obvious misspellings like Jeffrey for Geoffrey, Smyth for Smith

First name completion: Changing Jeff to Jeffrey or Jefferson or Tom to Thomas.

Inverted names: Aida Russel / Russel Aida.

A passenger is allowed to do the change within 24 hours of booking.

For changing a complete name a passenger needs to cancel the existing ticket and book a new ticket with the correct name.

9. What are legal ways to change the name on the Alaska Airlines Airlines booking?

Alaska Airlines has truly thought about its customers. The airline has provided name-changing policies under which a passenger can change his or her name by following proper rules and regulations. The Airlines have set up many help desks online and offline to provide service to their respective customers around the clock.

Under the company policies of changing name, a customer can change his name on his ticket within 24 hours after booking a ticket

A customer can log in to the official website of Alaska Airlines, and click on the Manage Booking option. The passenger can enter the required details and change the name manually.

The other option to change the name is by calling on the helpline number 1-800-654-5669 and asking the agent to change the name legally or by personally visiting the airport, asking the helpdesk to change the name within a few hours of booking a ticket

If you have booked your ticket through a travel agent you can ask him to change it.

But when it comes to legal name changes for a passenger who is divorced or got married there are some rules for them to follow.

A married person doesn’t need to change the name on the ticket. But the passenger needs to carry her marriage certificate along with the passport during the check-in procedure.

When it comes to a divorcee, a passenger needs to provide a few documents to change the name on the ticket. The documents are as follows :

Fundamental Documents a proof of legal evidence which is amended.

       2)Existing proof of identity

       3)Ordinances from the court.

       4)Marriage certificate

       5)Earlier identification.

10. Can I change my surname on the ticket with Alaska Airlines Airlines after marriage?

Alaska Airlines permits minor changes in the ticket names under the below-mentioned circumstances free of charge

Correction of approx three letters and not more than that example John for Jon

Some apparent misspellings example Jeffrey for Geoffrey

Finishing the first name example Timothy for Tim.

Or inverted names (Emilia Clarke to Clarke Emilia )

In case of a divorce or a marriage

The airlines allow the name change within 24 hours of booking. You don’t need to pay additional fees for the name changes

The name change could be done by logging into the website and clicking on the “Manage Travel ” option

After 24 hours of booking, the Airlines will charge you around $125 to change the name on the ticket

The airlines will entertain minor typo errors

In case of changing a whole name, the passenger must provide a legal proof which is stamped and signed by the authorized person

Alaska Airlines suggests not to change the name on the ticket after a marriage. But the passenger must provide her marriage certificate along with the passport during checking in.

11. How much does it cost to change a name on an Alaska Airlines ticket?

Passengers can make the required changes to their flight reservations online through the website by logging and signing into the account and through Alaska Airlines App. While offline passengers can request a change in name by calling the helpline number, personally going to the airport, and asking for assistance from the help desk. If one has booked via a travel agent then the passenger should do about the same to the agent.

According to the Name Change Policy by Alaska Airlines, a passenger can change his name on the ticket within 24 hours of booking. And if the passenger wants to request a name change the airline will charge around $125 – $135 per ticket fee for changing the name on the ticket. The fees are collected by the airlines directly and to seek assistance one can approach the customer support in case of miscellanies along with the name change

12. How do I change my name on my Alaska Airlines account?

Alaska Airlines offers a mileage plan for the tourists who travel often for the love of travel and for those who travel for their job or business. You can set up your Mileage account by simply calling on 1-800-252-7522. You will receive a huge amount of rewards in the form of quickly earned miles. Alaska Airlines is a partner with 15 major airlines. You can redeem your points by traveling to over 700 destinations on the six continents.

In your Mileage account, you can store your data like home airport, places on your wishlist, hometown, and aircraft seat preferences. This data is used to fill the forms automatically by the secured server.

You can access your account whenever you want and whenever you want. In case of a name change, you need to log in via the web or an app. Go to Settings and change a name. If there is a complete name change or a surname change you will be asked for the identification proof or any authorized legal documents as proof of verification.

13. Can you fly if your name is spelled wrong?

Finding out that your ticket is misspelled on the ticket, is going to give you a panic attack, particularly when you are about to board your flight. If you have an incorrect name on the flight ticket that doesn’t mean you won’t be allowed to fly but you need to take action as soon as possible to change your name. When you book your ticket please check thoroughly after the confirmation as we are humans we are bound to make mistakes.

When you find out about the name at the end moment, you should inform your airlines immediately via mail or calling the helpline. If the error is serious you won’t be allowed to board the plane in any circumstances. You need to apply for an immediate name change after following the policies of a name change by the consecutive airlines. As per the policies of the airlines, you might be charged a huge amount of money for changing the names at the end of the moment as it is the passenger’s fault

Inform the authorities of the airport and the helpdesk about the problem that occurred. Show your passport as proof at the help desk, it will help them to take the necessary steps required at that moment. The airlines have policies for every circumstance.


If you are unable to change the name on the ticket before boarding time, the Transportation Security System won’t allow you to get on board as they will catch the error. If there is an error of one or two letters you will be allowed to travel but if a significant error is noticed after matching the name on the passport the passenger won’t be allowed to board the plane.

14. How can I correct my name on the flight ticket?

The first thing we do after seeing an incorrect name on the flight ticket is panic! But the airlines have several names changing policies if you come across this mistake. The first thing to do is to check the reservations properly after booking a ticket. If you notice a misspelling then you can change it by logging in to the website and changing it from Managing Account, second option is to call the helpline number and ask for the assistance from them


You can personally visit the airport and ask the helpdesk to do the same. If you change your name within 24 hours of booking you won’t be charged any amount for changing the name. But after 24 hours, you might be asked about the charge depending on the severity of the problem followed by the policies of the airlines. If there is a single typo error then you don’t need to worry about it.

You are also allowed to change your name on the ticket if you have booked your ticket on your nickname and now you want to change it to your actual name or if you want to change the inverted name. The middle name on the ticket doesn’t matter.

You can’t change your date of birth and gender on your flight ticket. If you want to completely transfer the ticket name to a different person it is a new scenario. The point discussed is that if you booked the ticket then you should be the one traveling with legal proof proving your identity.

In the case of a legal surname change like getting married then you should show your marriage certificate along with the passport while checking in to prove the recent change. And if you got a divorce, then you need to provide some legal documents like legal documents from the court, a marriage certificate, and new identification proof.

You are only allowed to change your name on the flight ticket. Changing a name on the ticket is sometimes very complex. Itineraries like Delta don’t allow a passenger to change a name If a passenger is traveling between the U.S and China.

15. Does Alaska Airlines Airlines require a middle name on the ticket?

Due to increased cases of terrorism, there is strict security on the premises of the airport. The authorities of the airport check the documents thoroughly. This checking includes checking a person’s name, gender, and date of birth. Verification of these details including the middle name helps to avoid misidentification.



Each passenger has to pass the test of identification for Secure Flight Data which is collected by TSA – Transportation Security Administration. This consists of nonexpired identity proof provided by the government which has a photo of the holder, his basic information, parents’ details, gender, date of birth and present address, and TSA recess number in case it is allotted.


The middle name is used only for the verification purpose which is checked earlier at the Kiosk or by the authorities. The middle name of the passenger does not matter.


The middle name doesn’t need to be printed on the boarding pass. Also, you don’t need to enter your middle name during the reservations of the flight ticket. The middle name is generally d for Secure Flight Data. In short no, one cares and notices your middle name on your boarding pass.

16. Does your airline ticket name have to match your passport?

According to the new rule by the TSA, they are trying to lessen the number of people who are identified as terrorists and being held on the fly list by the government. Due to this, the airlines will ask you to provide your name exactly as it is on your passport, your driving license, or any government-approved identification. The same name will be printed on your flight ticket.


So one needs to make sure that the name on the passport should matches the flight ticket else you won’t be able to travel anywhere as you will be stopped at the airport and necessary actions could be taken against you.


You will be asked for the secondary screening if you have booked your ticket in your middle name while your passport shows a different first name. After the secondary screening, it will completely depend on the agent doing the screening to allow you to take the flight or prohibit you from flying.


When you book your ticket just make sure that the booking name matches your name on the passport as the new flight initiative is being carried out by the TSA.


The TSA suggests that Over time, passengers should strive to obtain consistency between the name on their ID and the travel information they use for booking flights.”


At this point, not all airline booking systems allow a passenger to book their ticket based on their middle name.


If the flight ticket name does not match the passport, you can approach the airline or ask the travel agent who has booked your flight tickets. Provide them with a photocopy as proof of your identification. After the verification, the proof will be returned to you and you will be allowed to travel.


The small typo errors or two-three letter mistakes are ignored but the error due to mismatched names can only result in delays in the flight, you might be allowed to enter or exit the country after such an incident happens. This serious issue can lead you to legal troubles, which are not easy to tackle. Sometimes the person gets trapped deeply.


In case of recent name changes the passenger should always carry bonafide signed and stamped by the authorized legal personnel. Always double-check the details entered before clicking on confirm as this is going to save you from legal consequences.