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Flight Change Policy


American Airlines Flight Change Policy


1. What is the American flight change policy?

The American Airlines offers a special facility to its passengers i.e. Flight Change Policy. Under this specific policy, the passengers are permitted to make changes to their trip.

Here are the key points of American Flight Change Policy:

  • A passenger can make flight changes up to a few hours (generally 2 hours) before the flight departure.
  • The Policy gives several provisions such as seat change, flight date & time, name and destination change, and same-day flight change, etc.
  • The travelers can make changes to their flight several times within 24 hours after reservation without any fee.
  • The travelers can make flight changes both online and offline.
  • However, if flight changes are made after risk-free period, the passengers have to bear a certain amount of fees.
  • In the case passengers book a new flight and it’s costlier than previous one, they have to pay the difference amount to confirm the booking.
  • Similarly, if their new flight is less pricey than previous one, the American Airlines will transfer the surplus amount as the Future Travel Credit.

2. How to Change My American Air Lines Flight Booking??

The American Flight Change Policy lets the passengers to easily modify their flight details. The process of changing the American flight is simple and seamless with the following steps:

  • Find Your Flight

For passengers who do not have an account on the official website, a 6-digit confirmation code or Record locator is needed. It was the code that you have received initially at the time of booking. Enter the information.

Registered passengers would have to log in to their accounts. Then click on the “Upcoming Trips’ option, and find the flight.

  • Choose the Option to Change the trip

Choose the option “Change trip” in the toolbar. Follow the steps that are highlighted on the screen.

  • Check the Confirmation Status

The American Airlines will send you a confirmation mail about your flight changes. The email will include crucial details such as record locator and ticket number. Save the details for future use.

3. Can I cancel an American flight booked with miles?

Yes, you can cancel your American flight booked with miles. Under American Flight Change Policy, the American Airlines will return your miles as well as taxes & fees up to one year after ticket reservation date. Make sure you cancel the flight before its departure. There is no cost to reinstate your AA miles.

4. How much does it cost to cancel a American flight?

The cost to cancel an American flight completely depends on the destination and ticket type that you’ve reserved.

  • For basic economy tickets, you are not allowed to cancel the flight in the first place. Nevertheless, you can cancel it within 24 hours from the time of reservation, and avail a refund.
  • In the case of a non-refundable ticket, you will be charged $200 cancellation fees for domestic tickets, and $750 cancellation fees for international tickets.
  • If you cancel your trip within 24 hours of booking, you can avoid the cancellation fees.
  • For non-refundable tickets, a passenger cannot get a full refund. The cancellation fees will be subtracted from the total amount, and the remaining amount will be returned in the form of travel credits that can be used for future flights.
  • In the case of refundable tickets, the cancellation is too easy. There are zero cancellation fees irrespective of the cancellation time.

For refundable ticket, you will get a full refund in the primary payment mode.

5. How to Change American Flight for Tickets through Third-Party?

If you have booked your tickets at American Airlines through third-party then you have to ask your travel agent to make the flight changes. The travel agent will do the required changes at the official website of the airlines only.

6. How do you change a flight on American without a fee?

To make changes to the American Airlines flight without any fee, the travelers must make all the modifications within the –hours risk-free period. However, the risk-free period does not apply to all AA tickets. In some tickets, the travelers are required to pay an amount even if they are making flight modifications within 24 hours.

According to the American Airlines Flight Change Policy, if you’ve got ticket insurance, you will not be charged any fee. Last-minute changes/cancellations are also covered in this scenario.

7. How do you change an American flight on the same day?

Under American Airlines Flight Change Policy, you can make changes to your flight on the same day in a very easy manner by following the below steps:

1- Get in touch with the American Airlines Reservation Department and tell the executive to make the changes to your flight. The departure time of your new flight should be within 1-12 hours from the moment you contacted them.

2- Visit the self-service corner or American Airlines’ counter (if you’re present at the airport). Make use of your CC or credit card or any other identity card like passport to activate the Kiosk. This will allow you to find your booking with AA Airlines. You will get the flight change instructions on the screen as per the flight availability. You are needed to the applicable change fee. You can pay the change fee via your debit or credit card. Alternatively, you pay it at the airport directly. Now, you will get your new boarding pass.

8. Can I make a American flight change within 24-hours of flight booking?

Yes, you can make the change to your American flight within 24 hours of flight booking. You are allowed to do this under the same-day American Airlines Flight Change Policy.

9. Can I speak with American customer service for a flight change?

Yes, you can take help from the American Airlines Customer Service representatives for making changes to your AA flight. You can call 800-433-7300 for flight changes anytime.

10. What are the Steps to Change an Award Flight?

When it comes to making changes to an American Airlines Award Flight, the process is a bit different. In most scenarios, you cannot change the AA Award flight online; as an alternative, they will have to get in touch with the reservations department.

In the case, you are not willing to call the reservations department for the Award flight changes, it is advised to cancel your award flight and do a new booking. There is no longer any reinstatement cost to get the miles returned from your canceled award flight ticket.

There is no fees to change the award flight, however you will need to any applicable miles on your new ticket. If your new ticket costs less American AAdvantage miles, the difference will be returned into your AA account. If you have utilized miles for flight upgrade, you can change the same for free by speaking to the reservations department.

11. Does American Allow Name & Date Change?

American Airlines Flight Change policy is very much flexible for its passengers as far as name changes are concerned. The travelers are permitted to make changes to their name up to 3 characters only for free. They are allowed to change their last name on the flight ticket. However, they cannot transfer their ticket to someone else.

Talking about the date change on the ticket of American Airlines, it is permitted for some tickets only. If your ticket is eligible for the date change, you can do it online or offline. You can do the flight date changes within 24 hours of seat reservation without any cost. AA will charge a $200 flight date change fee from you; it will depend on the type of ticket. If your booking is rescheduled or delayed by AA due to any reason, you will be charged no fee for date changes to the flight.

12. What is the Same-Day Flight Change Policy?

The same-day American Airlines Flight Change policy says that you can change your AA flight within 24 hours of leaving at a cost of $75. The flight change fee is removed for some AA elite passengers, making everything seamless.

Apart from 24-hours risk free period, you are bounded by one more restriction i.e. you must make the flight changes on the same route as you reserved the flight initially.

The same-day flight change is free for travelers who have purchased business class or first class tickets. People who have reserved tickets in full-fare economy, Executive Platinum, and Platinum Pro Elite passengers are also eligible for free changes.

13. What changes can you Make with American Airlines?

The American Airlines Flight Change Policy allows the passengers to make changes to their name as well as flight’s date.