American Airlines Name Change Policy

American Airlines

Name Change Policy

American Airlines Name Change Policy


1. What is American Name Change Policy?

It is not so easy to modify or change your name on the American Airlines ticket. There are some restrictions laid by the airlines on what can be done if your name needs to be changed or amended. You can correct your name on the AA ticket with the help of the American Airlines Name Change Policy.

According to this policy, the travelers can change their name on the ticket to match the TSA government-needed documents. It includes the cases like miss-spelling, maiden names, divorce/married, legal names, secondary names, and inverted names.

At the same time, you are required to make modifications when the age or gender on the issued ticket is different from the legal document. Furthermore, the American Airlines name change policy is initiates from the document having the same name. Additionally, AA offers travelers a facility for major and minor name corrections on the validated unused tickets.

2. Major Name Correction on the AA Ticket

Modifications in the first & middle name are included in this category. You can also make additions and corrections to the last name on the ticket. The reason for major name change can be divorce, marriage, and adoption. You may also need to submit the legal documents as well as certificates for verification.

If you want to make major name corrections on the AA ticket under this policy, your itinerary must be booked in the ‘R’ inventory and codeshare flight section. Owing to the software limitations, it cannot be done on the same PNR; you will need a new PNR to do name correction.

3. Minor Name Correction on the AA Ticket

This kind of name correction is applicable in itineraries that contain American Airlines Prime and American Airlines Eagle flights. Unlike major name correction case, it can be done in the same PNR.

The changes mainly include name corrections. They include errors as well as misspellings in the characters of the passenger’s name. They also include inverted names.

4. How to Change Name on American Airlines Ticket?

The American Airlines has defined the rules for different kinds of errors in the visitor’s name that are allowed for correction. The processing fee for name change varies depending on the type of correction.

While correcting your name on the AA ticket under the American Airlines name change policy, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Visit the American Airlines’ Official site.
  • On the homepage, visit the “My Trips” tab
  • Now, enter your booking credentials in the given fields.
  • Enter the last name as well as first name in the provided fields.
  • Click on the ‘Find Reservation’ button to access the complete list.
  • Of all the flights, select the flight that needs name correction.

Now, you can change the name on the ticket after paying the applicable fee.

5. Rules for Passenger’s Name Correction

  • Passengers are allowed to make minor spelling corrections as per the American Airlines Name change Policy.
  • You are permitted to change the passenger’s surname completely in legal situations like marriage or divorce.

Similarly, passengers can change their last name only after showing the legal documents that verify your true name.

6. Does American Airline offer name change waiver?

Yes, American Airlines offer name change waiver for minor name changes. Under American Airlines name change policy, the basic changes such as misspellings & errors not beyond 3 characters, travelers can change their names without any fee.

In case of major name changes, a processing fee of $25 will be charged. The domestic travelers have to pay $200 for name change and international travelers are bound to pay around $700 for the same.

7. How to change last name on American airline ticket?

In the case your last name on the American Airlines ticket has got wrong at the time of booking, you can correct it with these steps.

  • Go to
  • Go to ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Put the 6-digit reservation number and traveler’s last name in the given fields to access the booking details.
  • Select the tab for name correction. According to the American Airlines Name change policy, the name on the ticket and government-issued documents must be same.
  • You are permitted to correct up to three characters either on the last name or first name.
  • Now, make the required changes in your last name.

Pay the name correction fee of $125 using your debit or credit card. Once the payment is done, the changes to your last name will be confirmed on your registered email address.

8. How American Airline legal name change works?

Under the American Airlines Name change Policy, the legal name change works in a quite simple way. In this case, the customer care agents will help you. You have to call American Airlines’ Customer Care department. The executive will question you about the reason of calling. You need to tell them that you want to make legal name changes. Then, the executive will ask you about your booking details, including the six digit record locator. You can then request the legal name change and he/she will initiate the changes.

9. How to request a name change with American Airlines?

The American Airlines lets you request a name change on the ticket with their email service. You can simply send them an email requesting the name change. You can find their email address at Do not forget to attach your legal documents to verify your name for quick and easy name change under American Airlines name change policy.

10. Is it possible to change the nickname to full name with American Airlines?

Yes. The American Airlines name change policy allows you to change your name to full name on the AA ticket.

11. What are legal ways to change the name on the American Airlines booking?

As per the American Airlines Name Change Policy, there are 3 legal ways to change the name on the American Airlines. These three ways are:

  • Go to the official website of the American Airlines.
  • Visit the ‘My Trips’ section.
  • Retrieve your booking details by entering your first name, last name, and booking number in the given boxes.
  • Press ‘Find Reservation’ button.
  • You can now view your bookings. Select the flight that needs a name change.
  • Now, click on the ‘Edit name’ or ‘Change Name American Airlines’ for name modifications.
  • Pay the fee for name change and changes will be confirmed.
  • Now, you can print your new boarding pass, if permitted.

Note: With online name change option, you can only change your name letters up to 3 characters. Also, you cannot transfer the ticket to other passenger.

If you want to make major name changes, you need to contact the American Airlines’ Customer Service Department.

  • Contact the customer care department at 800-433-7300 for major name changes in the cases like last/middle names, marriage/divorce, legal corrections. Make sure you call them at least 12 hours before flight departure because it is a bit time-consuming procedure.
  • The agent will ask you the 6-digit record number for name amendments.
  • Tell them about the miss-spellings or errors in your name on the ticket.
  • The agent will process the changes.
  • For name changes due to marriage, the agent will ask you to submit your passport, marriage certificate, any other evidence of marriage, and government-issued photograph.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email on your registered email ID within 2 hours of your name change request.

Airport kiosk is basically a self-service device that allows you to make various changes to your booking at the airport, including personal details. If you are at the airport, you can make use of this machine to conduct name change on the AA ticket, print tickets, and view your itinerary.

Here is how you can make name changes to AA ticket with airport kiosk:

  • Primarily, you need to activate the kiosk device by swiping your credit card or by using any other ID certificate.

Make sure you inform the airport officials if this device doesn’t work as required.

  • Put in your personal details along with flight information to access your AA booking.
  • Look for the option to change the name/flight.
  • You will need to pay the name change fee to confirm the name changes. Use your credit card to make the payment or pay at the kiosk only.
  • Make sure you confirm your changes. Now, print the new boarding pass with the correct name.

12. Can I change my surname on the ticket with American Airlines after marriage?

Yes, the American Airlines Name change policy allows you to change your surname on the ticket after marriage. You need to submit your proof of marriage, valid passport, and government-issued photo to the customer care agent to confirm the changes.

13. How much does it cost to change a name on a American ticket?

As per the American Airlines Name change policy, you are charged an extra fee to make name edits depending on different factors. The fee mainly depends on the type of name change, modification time, and your destination.

  • Minor Changes: For basic changes such as misspellings and errors not more than 3 characters, passengers can change their names without any cost.
  • Major Changes: For comparatively larger changes such as full name changes, shifting middle and first names, or adding last name, passengers may have to pay $25. The fee for national and international travelers can vary between $25 and $200. In some cases, the name change fee might increase up to $700 depending on the type of trip.

American Airlines offers a progressive policy for name changes and corrections. It aims to protect its customers’ interest through the sought-after American Airlines name change policy. Therefore, you can rely on this airline and accept its guidelines for a smooth travel experience.

14. How do I change my name on my American account?

You can easily change your name on your American account by contacting the Customer Service Department at 800-433-7300. The agent will process your both minor and major name change requests.

15. Can you fly if your name is spelled wrong?

No, you cannot fly if your name is spelled wrong on the AA ticket unless you get it corrected under American Airlines name change policy. The airlines allow you to make simple corrections to your name on the ticket for a great travel experience.

16. How can I correct my name in flight ticket?

You can correct your name in the American Airlines flight ticket with the help of American Airlines name change policy. This particular policy lets you make minor and major name changes. You can make name changes to your flight ticket online, by contacting AA Customer Care Department, or by using kiosk at the airport.

17. Does American Airlines require a middle name on the ticket?

No, the American Airlines does not require a middle name on the ticket. They only need your first name and last name, which must be same as your name on the government-issued identity document.

You can book your AA ticket with/without your middle name and can fly without any problem.

18. Does your airline ticket name have to match your passport?

No, not necessarily. As per the TSA rules, the name on your airline ticket must be same as your name on the government-issued ID. There is no compulsion that your name should match with your passport.