American Airlines Pet Policy

American Airlines

Pet Policy

American Airlines Pet Policy


1. What is American Pet Policy?

American Airlines Pet Policy is a superb facility for the passengers who wish to fly with their furry friends or pets. There are times when you cannot leave your beloved pet at home. In such a case, you would find the American pet policy helpful. Here are some important points about this policy that you must know about:

  • As per this policy, the airlines allow you to travel with your pet as cargo or carry-on on particular flights. The Airlines will check the breed and size of your pet before giving permission for flying.
  • Please note that American Airlines has currently suspended this service for the pets travelling as checked baggage animals.
  • The airlines only give permission to checked pets at the airport’s ticket corner for active-duty U.S. Military & U.S. State Department Foreign Service staff flying on official orders. There may be some restrictions and fees applicable to such flights.
  • You should know that only cats and dogs are permitted to fly. Additionally, the emotional support animals can also travel on American flights.
  • Service dogs that are fully trained may travel in the cabin without any cost, provided they fulfill all the requirements.
  • American Airlines pet policy permits 7 kennels or pet carriers on American Airlines flights and 5 pet carriers on American Eagle Flights

Therefore, as soon as your travel plans are confirmed, make sure you get in touch with American Airlines Customer Service Department at (800) 433-7300) to guarantee a dedicated space for your pet on the flight.

2. Is it safe to ship my pet with American Cargo?

Yes, it is completely safe to ship your beloved pet as Cargo on the American Airlines flight. The best thing about the American Airlines pet policy is that it ships your pet in a temperature-controlled, well-oxygenated, and pressurized space. Your pet will travel happily and comfortably with American Cargo.

3. How much does it costs to reserve a pet?

Here are the costs to reserve a pet under the American Airlines pet policy:

  • You will need to pay $125 one way when reserving your pet in the cabin to/from U.S. Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean.
  • You will need to pay $175 one way when booking your pet as checked baggage to and from Canada, U.S., Mexico, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

You will need to verify the fees for reserving a pet in the cabin, as checked baggage and as cargo to the other destinations at the American Airlines Reservations & American Airlines Cargo.

4. Does American Airlines allow pets in a cabin on international flights?

Under the American Airlines pet policy, you cannot travel with a pet in a cabin traveling to Jamaica. Additionally, flights from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Hawaii, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela do not allow traveling of pets in the cabin. For more clarifications on travel permissions for pets in a cabin on international flights, call Customer Service Department at (800) 433-7300).

5. What methods of transport does American Air Lines provide for my pet?

Under the American Airlines pet policy, you have three methods by which you can travel with your pet. These ways include:

  • In the cabin
  • As Checked Baggage (in the temperature-controlled space in your aircraft)

As a Cargo (in the pressurized and temperature-controlled)

6. Does my pet qualify for travel in the passenger cabin?

As per the American Airlines pet policy up to 7 pets that fulfill the below requirements are allowed in the passenger cabin:

  • You have booked a flight within the 48 contiguous United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska, St. Croix, St. Thomas, or from the U.S. to Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean if the destination permits entry.
  • Carry-on/ in-cabin pets are NOT PERMITTED on flights to/from Hawaii, South America, Central America, or on Transpacific or Transatlantic travel.
  • Pets must be comfortable inside the kennel, under the seat throughout travel. It should be able to turn around, lie down, and stand up in a natural position in the carrier.
  • Just domesticated cats and dogs are permitted.
  • Pet cats and dogs must be minimum 8 weeks old.
  • The carrier should be particularly designed for animal carriage. It must not be more than 19” (L) x 13” (W) x 9” (H).
  • You pet should have all important health documents needed at your destination.

As pets traveling in the passenger cabin need to be reserved, you should contact American Airlines Reservations beforehand at 1-800-433-7300.

7. Does American limit the number of pets allowed in the cabin per flight?

Yes, the American Airlines allows only 7 pets per flight in the passenger cabin. This is to ensure smooth travelling.

8. What are the pet carrier requirements at American airline?

Apart from the weight and size of the pet carrier, the American Airlines and USDA require that your pet kennel should meet these requirements:

  • Kennels must be designed with wood, plastic, metal, or a similar material that is escape proof and leak-proof. The doors must be able to fasten tightly. Apart from the door, there should be ventilation space on the 2 sides of the kennel.
  • Kennels must have a water container with outer access for easy liquid filling.
  • Collapsible pet carriers that can be folded are not accepted.
  • There should be separate containers for food and water inside the carrier. They should be accessible without opening the doors. The pet owners must also put a small food bag for a 24-hour period at the top of the kennel.
  • The owner should secure plastic carriers with releasable cables to all 4 corners. These ties are easily available at American Airlines for free.
  • The maximum size for checked pet carriers is a series 500 carrier with the dimensions: 40” (L) x 27” (W) x 30” (H). However, this size carrier is not acceptable on the Boeing MD-80 (S80).
  • Carriers checked on MD-80s must be able to get through the door of the cargo while staying in an upright position. The doors of MD-80s cargo are 29” (H) and 53” (W).
  • The maximum weight of checked pet & carrier (together) cannot be more than 100 lbs.
  • There should be labels like “Live Animal” on the top and at least one side of the crate. The letters of the word should be minimum one inch tall for clear visibility.

The crate should have upright arrow labels showing the correct position of the kennel.

9. What health documentation is required?

Under the American Airlines pet policy, if you are travelling domestically then there is no requirement of any health document. However, some states do need a health certificate of your pet. Being a responsible passenger, you should have all information about health documents requirements for your pet. You should get in touch with your veterinarian as well as the Department of Agriculture for the same.

10. How old does my pet have to be to travel?

The American Airlines pet policy says that your pet must be minimum 8 weeks old to travel on AA flights.

11. How many pets can fly in a single kennel?

One customer can carry only one kennel. And, that single kennel can have up to two pets of same breed. This ensures a safe travelling with pets.

12. What Size will Pet Carrier Fit Under an Airline Seat American?

Here are the dimensions for pet carriers that fit under American Airlines flight’s seat:

For Hard-sided kennel

  • Mainline flights: 19” (L) x 13” (W) x 9” (H)
  • Regional Flights: 16” (L) x 12” (W) x 8” (H)

For Soft-sided kennel

18” (L) x 11” (W) x 11” (H)

Please get in touch with American Airlines Reservations department to verify maximum kennel dimensions.

13. Does American Have a Weight Limit for Pets?

Yes. The weight of pet and carrier together should not be more than 20 lbs. The weight will be checked at the time of check-in at the airport.

14. How can I Confirm the Reservation For My Pet?

To confirm the reservation for your pet on the American flight, you need to contact the reservations department at 800-433-7300. The agent will help you to reserve a space for your pet under the American Airlines pet policy.