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Name Change Policy

Copa Airlines Name Change Policy

As the flag carrier of Panama, Copa Airlines flies large numbers of passengers every year to, from and around their enchantingly beautiful Caribbean homeland. With the enormous number of customers who constantly avail of their services, it is no surprise that at least some make an error of some kind or the other while booking their flight tickets, particularly with their name. After all, to err is human, and booking flight tickets, whether it is for work or pleasure, is always a sufficiently tiresome process that you can easily misplace or overlook a letter here or there, input your nickname instead of your legal first name, or even forget that you’re married and now have a brand new surname!

Keeping this in mind, Copa Airlines has a comprehensive and flexible name change policy, catered toward the convenience of its passengers. If you have any questions about their name change policy, keep reading to find the answer!


1. What is the Name Change Policy employed by Copa Airlines?

The Name Change Policy employed by Copa Airlines is quite flexible and gives its passengers the possibility to correct or change their name on the tickets. But, at the same time it also very specifically says that the name and surname of the passenger who reserved the airline tickets must match their passports or their other legal travel documents (depending on their nationality and the country they’re flying to, this can be their Enhanced Drivers’ License, Green Card, Military ID Card etc.)

There are some other terms and conditions for the Name Change Policy as well. Before trying to implement a name change, please read through the following terms and conditions carefully and keep them in mind:

  1.  The ticket shouldn’t be used at all in any of its segments, which means that it shouldn’t be worn out, torn, or altered in any way.
  2.  The request for change or correction in your name must be made through only through Copa Airlines’ proprietary name correction form, else it will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  3.  You can only request for change of name for every ticket. This means that if your name has multiple errors, the airlines won’t allow you to change or correct more than one error. In this case, you have to cancel your ticket and rebook it.
  4.  Complete change of your first and last name isn’t allowed. This means that if your name is entirely different on your passport and the ticket, the airlines will not allow you to change it. This is to ensure that individuals who have some kind of restriction on their travel, such as criminals, can’t get around these restrictions by purchasing the ticket with a different name and then changing it to their original name.
  5.  The change that you make in your first and last name should not exceed 3 characters. This means that, if your name is Alexander McGuire and it is spelled Alxndr Mguir, then it is not applicable for correction. This is because there are more than 3 characters missing.
  6.  For the purposes of the name change, the travel agency you have used to book the tickets must provide the legal documents which you will use while travelling, and which have the correct spelling of your name. This document can be an ID Card, a Marriage Certificate, or any other legal document which can substantiate the correct spelling of the name of the person holding the ticket i.e. you.
  7.  If for some reason the name given on your ticket is a pseudonym or a nickname, and you want to correct it to your legal first name, it is not strictly necessary to make such a correction and you will not be obstructed from flying or face any other issue even if such a discrepancy exists between your Copa Airlines flight ticket and your legal travel documents. For eg. if your actual name is Michael, and the name given on the ticket is Mike, Mikey or some variant thereof, it is not absolutely required for you to correct that to Michael.
  8.  Any change of name with reference to flight tickets purchased through the ConnectMiles frequent flyer program of Copa Airlines must be handled directly at the ConnectMiles customer service centre at Please keep in mind that in order to accrue frequent flyer miles with Copa Airlines, the name of your ConnectMiles account must be exactly the same as that on your legal government-issued identification i.e. your passport. To request a change of name for your ConnectMiles account, send an email to containing the following information:
  • ConnectMiles Account Number.
  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Email address.
  • A scanned copy of your legal government identification i.e. your government-issued passport, driver’s license, or national identification card.

For reasons of security, you must send the email from the email account you have registered with ConnectMiles since the change of name will otherwise not be entertained under any circumstances. ConnectMiles will review the request you have submitted, and accept it or reject it in accordance with their policies. If the request is accepted, it will take up to 14 days for the change to go through and be reflected on your ConnectMiles account. All such transactions cannot be reversed, and all terms and conditions of the ConnectMiles program as a whole are applicable to them.

9. If you have booked an interline or codeshare ticket in Colombia, with the ticket issued to you in Colombia and your flight originating from Colombia, you can make a name correction to your flight ticket. When you are implementing this correction, please do make sure that you or your travel agent checks that the flight segment booked with the other airline is still confirmed, in order to avoid losing out on the confirmation of the interline flight.

2. How can I change my name on my Copa Airlines flight ticket?

Copa Airlines won’t allow you to change the name if the ticket has already been issued. If the ticket you purchased has an incorrect name, you can get in touch with their Reservation centre and for requesting the cancellation. If possible, they will also give you a refund for the ticket. Though Copa Airlines allow you flexibility in changing or correcting names, you need to follow their terms and conditions for the same. For doing so, you can visit their official website and enter or update the correct information. You will receive a confirmation mail within a period of time. If you do not prefer doing it online, you can contact them at the airport ticket office or counter. There, they will provide you with a hard copy of the same form, which you can fill out and submit. After the changes are made, they will get in touch with you.

3. Does Copa Airlines offer name change waivers to its passengers?

Yes, it does offer passengers to make all the required changes or modifications in their name on the ticket only if the criteria are met. However, for ensuring the security of their passengers, Copa Airlines won’t allow you to change your name on an existing flight ticket. Also, changes must be made prior to the actual flight travel date and approximately 72 hours before the departure. The timing will also be a factor for any additional charges. If not, you will have to cancel the flight and rebook it.

4. How can I change my last name on my Copa Airlines ticket?

Copa Airlines allows you to change your last name only if the criteria for applicability are met. If yes, you can do it through a Name Correction form. You can fill it out either online or offline or also call the customer support number for further assistance. In case you are married or divorced, you need to attach an updated official and legal document related to the same. The officials will look into it and will follow up with the corrections. Without the assistance of any legal document, you won’t be able to prove it. Also, if your last name is present in the passport and is dropped from the airline ticket, there will be a chance that you won’t be allowed to board the flight. Therefore, please take all the necessary precautions.

5. What is the procedure to legally change my name with Copa Airlines?

  • Copa Airlines will allow a legal name change only if the following conditions are made. For knowing the exceptions, it is suggested that you get in touch with the airline officials or customer assistance personally. For, now please go through these points:

    1. If the name (first and middle) is inverted or jumbled up. For example, David Duke Trump is written as Duke David Trump.
    2. If the surnames (more than one) are reversed. This is the case when you carry two surnames after marriage. For example- Anna Maxi Trump is written as Anna Trump Maxi.
    3. If the name and surname are reversed. For example, David Trump is written as Trump David.
    4. If the name or surname or nickname does not match your travel document, you can request for elimination of the middle name or second surname.
    5. If your name or second name is missing. For example, David Duke Trump is written as David Trump.
    6. If your first and second surname is missing. For example, Anna Maxi Trump is written as just Anna.
    7. If the surname does not match your legal marriage/divorce document. For example, David Duke Trump is written in your passport and you have booked the flight with the name David Trump.

6. How can I change a name on Copa Airlines in case of marriage or divorce?

You can change your name after marriage or divorce by submitting any legal document related to it that proves that you have added a surname to your existing name or dropped out a surname after divorce.

7. How can I request a name change with Copa Airlines?

There are options for both online and offline changes available. Here are the steps to request a name change with Copa Airlines by filling out a form online

  1. Open your web browser and search for “Copa Name Correction Form”.
  2. This will lead you to the official help page on the official website of Copa Airlines.
  3. Log in to the account (if already signed up) using the registered e-mail ID and password. If not, sign up and create an account.
  4. Go to the “Manage My Booking” section.
  5. The Name Correction Request form will be visible there.
  6. Click on the link to open the Request form.
  7. Fill in all the required details and submit the form.
  8. Pay the fees if and when you are asked to.
  9. Copa Airlines team will resolve your issue as soon as possible through a confirmation mail and the updated changes.

8. If my Copa Airlines ticket has my nickname on it, can I change it to my full name?

Yes. Only if your full name is present on your legal travel document, you can apply for a change on the flight. If not, Copa Airlines won’t allow an entire name change. This means that if your nickname is Duke and you want to change it into Duke Trump, then it won’t be possible. This is because it changes the identity of the passenger completely which can also raise a question about other passengers’ security. Identity theft also leads to various kinds of offences and crimes. Even if you make a mere mistake, there will be chances that you might be questioned by the airport authorities. This will again affect your integrity as well as that of the airlines. And no one would want to be in such a position. Thus, please note that the name in your passport should match the name on your airline ticket properly.

9. What are the legal ways to change the name on my Copa Airlines booking?

It is very much possible that you make a spelling mistake or a typo while booking the flight. Copa Airlines understand this situation and allows the flexibility to change your name on the booking. For doing so, you can go fill out the Name Correction Request Form on their official website. Though it will only allow you to make some minor changes in the already existing name, if you still want to change your name entirely, you need to speak to the Copa Airlines Support team.

10. Can I change my surname on the ticket with Copa airlines if I have adopted a new surname after marriage?

Yes, you definitely and delightfully can change your surname on the ticket with Copa Airlines after marriage. However, this is only possible if you submit a legal document that testifies for the same. For knowing more about the entire procedure, you can either approach the customer service number or enquire the staff at the airport ticket counter.

11. How much does it cost to change a name on my Copa Airlines account?

If you want to get your name changed on the Copa Airlines account, the facility of a free name correction is only applicable to the following classes:

  1. Economy Classic
  2. Economy Flex
  3. Economy Full
  4. Business Promo
  5. Business Full classes

However, if you have booked your tickets through any agency or any other indirect medium, a charge of $50USD plus applicable sales taxes depending on the country in question is applied with reference to the basic classes. Also, it is important to note that only one free name change is allowed on the originally issued flight ticket.

Even if you are a PreferMember Gold or Silver passenger, or a Star Silver or Star Gold Passenger from another airline, you will be charged the same correction fee if you bought your ticket through any travel agency.

In the case of corporate accounts, the following things need to be taken care of:

  1. The corporate agreement should be in force in order to make the required change.
  2. The name change is only possible if the ticket is booked with the real name of the passenger and not with the name of any company or other organization.

Finally, there are certain special provisions for name change requests in Colombia. The cost of a name change or correction will depend on the price of the ticket if it is an international route, or the amount currently stipulated for routes within Columbia if it is a domestic route. If the reservation was issued in US dollars but you indicate that you are in Colombia, the charge will be issued in Colombian Pesos, due to issues related to transacting in that country’s currency. Only if the reservation was issued in US dollars and you indicate that you are outside Columbia, will Copa airlines issue the charge for the name change request in US dollars also.

Tickets issued through the direct channels of Copa Airlines are exempt from this fee of 50 US dollars in case of change or correction of name.

12. Can you fly if there is a spelling mistake in your name on the flight ticket?

On a general note, most airlines will allow their passengers to correct their names if there is a spelling mistake of some kind on the flight tickets. So, if you made a mistake while booking your tickets, there is no need to worry!

But in order to make the requisite changes, you must not take too long to notice the error. If you are able to notice it within the 24 hours of booking your flight tickets, only then will you have the option to cancel that ticket, ask for a refund and rebook with your proper name and details this time. If not, you need to get in touch with the airline’s customer assistance. If there is a scope for the last-minute correction, they will take you through it and if not, you have to go with the former option.

Also, it differs across different airlines as some of them might have an easy and flexible procedure for correcting the incorrect spellings and some might not even give you the room for it. Thus, it is important to ensure that you proofread and double-check all the details you enter before booking a flight ticket and also the fact that it should match with your travel document and passport. This will not only save you from facing any difficulty at the time of boarding but also eliminate the unnecessary procedure of a name change/correction.

13. How can I correct my name on my flight ticket?

If you have spelt your name wrong while booking a flight or entered any wrong information, you first need to be able to detect it within 24 hours as soon as possible. Once detected, you should straight away contact the customer support number of the airlines you booked. Avoid reaching out to them through e-mail or any other medium first because the response might get delayed. If there is a scope for correction, they will guide you through it. If not, the only option left is to cancel the flight ticket, ask for a refund if it is possible and rebook the ticket again, this time without any errors.

It is important for you to know that you may not be able to fly if the name on your ticket and the name on your passport doesn’t match each other. Any correction made is dependent on the individual policies of the airlines. Also, some airlines allow you to change your name hassle-free and without any costs but some have strict procedures and may also ask you for additional charges.

14. Does Copa Airlines require a middle name on my flight ticket?

No. Copa Airlines does not specifically require a middle name on your flight ticket. There is no extra space for adding the middle name when you enter all your details for booking a flight. However, if you wish to add your middle name, you can do it in the same space given for the first name and then enter your surname.

The only thing Copa Airlines is particular about and recommends is that you enter the names according to your ID information and as mentioned in your passport. If not, you might face trouble at the time of boarding and may not be allowed to board the flight. Also, in case of any error or mistake, you can always request a name correction. But also note that there should be enough time for you to be able to apply for it and for the airline officials to be able to assist you with it. Last-minute changes are not really possible for the airline to accommodate. In such a case, you will have to cancel your flight and make a new booking.

15. Does my name on my airline ticket have to match the name on my passport?

If there is an issue with your name or if your name is slightly different from that on your passport as a minor spelling error, for example- David is written as Devid, then airlines consider this okay. This is called an alphabetical error which gets accepted most of the time. But in the case of a significant and obvious mismatch in the name on your airline ticket and your passport, then you have to get in touch with the airline’s assistance. Also, know that any last-minute changes are not really possible, so double check your details in the ticket. Get in touch with them at least 72 hours before the departure if you want to correct or update the error in your name. If the error gets rectified on the airport ticket counter itself, then, in this case, it won’t be possible for them to allow you to board the flight.

In conclusion, Copa Airline’s name change policy is quite flexible and helpful for customers. With its long experience in the aviation industry and in handling large numbers of passengers, Copa is well aware that it is quite possible for their customers to make an error of some kind or the other while booking tickets, and as such, they have implemented their flexible name change policy.

However, even their policy has certain reasonable restrictions, for reasons of security, administrative convenience etc. So, as the passenger, you must remember that the airline cannot possibly into account every single mistake or error that you might make while booking. At the end of the day, it is your responsibility to take the utmost care while making your bookings and ensure that you don’t make any egregious errors with regard to names and the like.

We hope this article was able to answer any and all questions you might have had about Copa Airlines’ name change policy. Happy flying!