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Flight Change Policy


Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy


1. What is Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Passengers willing to modify their bookings with Delta airlines on account of a change in travel plans or any personal issues can reap the benefits of Delta Flight Change Policy. Here are the terms and conditions of this amazing Delta Policy:

  • It allows you to change the flight under the guidance of Delta’s customer service team.
  • An individual can make a change to his/her flight for free only when changes are done within 24-hours of ticket reservation.
  • However, you are required to pay a minimal flight change fees after 24 hours of flight reservation.
  • The flight change charges on Delta vary on the destination as well as the travel class.

For more information about this policy, you can visit the official site or reach out to their customer service team.

2. How to change or cancel your Delta flight?

Delta Flight Change Policy permits the Delta passengers to easily change their flight. To change or cancel your Delta Flight, you need to follow the below instructions.

Visit Delta’s app or website. Log in to the Delta SkyMiles account, where you’ll find the trip linked with the account. You can locate the trip with the help of a flight confirmation number. After locating the trip, click on the red button “Modify Flight.” Start the cancellation or change process. 

3. How to change my Delta airlines flight booking?

Thanks to Delta Flight Change Policy for east flight modifications. If you desire to change the existing flight booking and discover a new flight, you can modify the departure and arrival airports. Besides, you can also change the flight’s departure date. 

  • Browse through the choices. You can find out the screen that will allow you to book a new flight. You’ll find out the fare classes, prices, and times of all flights. After finding a more suitable flight, you can complete the checkout procedures. 
  • If the price of the new flight is higher than the former one, you’ll have to pay the difference amount between the previous ticket and new ticket amount. Once the payment is made, your new flight change procedure will be marked as complete. 

4. Can I cancel a Delta flight booked with miles?

Yes, you can cancel your flight booked with miles. Once your booking is canceled, the amount paid is refunded. Besides, the amount paid in the form of taxes will be added in the initial payment mode.

Nevertheless, in the case of any Basic Economy flight booked, an amount between 9,900- 19,900 miles will be charged as fees. It will be subtracted from the trip’s price on account of cancellation fee.

5. How much does it cost to cancel a Delta flight?

In the case of the above tickets and main cabin tickets that originate in the U.S. or in different parts of the world, no cancellation fees will be charged towards the itinerary. However, in the case of basic economy tickets, you’ll have to pay cancellation fees that range from $99 -$199, varying as per the destination. 

6. How to change delta flight for tickets through third-party?

If you are willing to modify a ticket that was booked through a third party rather than Delta Airlines, you’ll have to pay additional fees. You’ll have to pay these additional fees when the bookings are made via an online travel agency, offline travel agency, or any other airline (including SkyTeam and codeshare partners). 

Additional fees aren’t charged in the following cases:

  • Tickets that are issued in different modes via Delta Airlines under Delta Flight Change Policy
  • Bookings done with military or government fares
  • Changes confirmed on the same day
  • Schedule changes, cancellations, and involuntary delays
  • Passengers who have reached the SkyMiles upgrade

If you’re willing to acquire additional knowledge in relation to Delta Airlines flight change policies, visit its official website:

You can also reach us at the flight change contact number of Delta airlines: +1-844-673-0381

7. How do you change a flight on Delta without a fee?

You can simply go and log in to your online account through Delta’s website or app to change the main cabin flights or above that originate in North America to all over the world. If the ticket doesn’t qualify for change fees, you must consider the equipment changes or schedule. Consequently, you can change it without a fee.

8. How do you change a non-refundable Delta flight?

To change the non-refundable Delta flight ticket- you’ll have to login into the registered account through or open the mobile app account. Next, choose the required itinerary. Toggle through the options and select ‘modify flight’ along with ‘start flight change.’

Select the new flights and carry out the checkout process. For example, during the checkout process, you’ll have to pay the difference incurred in the fare charges and modification fees varying between $0 – $500. 

9. How do you change a Delta flight on the same day?

By charges incurred on the same day are complimentary.

On the other hand, confirmed changes come with a certain amount on the same day. It comes with a fee amounting to up to $75. The fee is waived in the case of Gold Medallion or above. Same day changes don’t apply to basic economIt’s possible to change a Delta flight on the same day- all you’ll have to do is follow a few fundamental steps. 

To get started with the same-day changes in the case of domestic flights, you can take the help of the Delta mobile app or the Delta website. It will help you to make necessary modifications at the time of check-in. Any standy flights. Similarly, international flights aren’t considered eligible for same-day modifications or similar changes. 

  • Same-day confirmed changes: in case of availability of a seat within the booked fare class of the passenger, the passenger can modify their ticket that’s linked with a new flight’s confirmed seat. These services are complimentary for Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion members. 
  •  Same-day standby: If there are no options related to same-day confirmed modifications, passengers have the option to wait for their seats reserved on earlier flights. Besides, any change in fare will have to be paid by the passenger once they’ve found a seat on a specific flight.

10. Can I make a Delta flight change within 24-hours of flight booking?

Yes, definitely! You can do Delta Flight change within 24 hours of booking with the help of the standard flight change instructions. The official website of Delta or its customer service team will help you a lot to make any changes to your flight. Apart from it, if you wish to make changes to Delta flight within 24 hours of purchase, you can save your money. It can be done free of cost under Delta Flight Change Policy.

11. Is it possible to get a refund for the unwanted flight change on Delta?

In case of any changes in your plans or, if you possess a refundable flight ticket, it’s easy to apply for refunds. Make sure to cancel or even modify the flight before its final departure. 


Things you should consider before canceling a refundable ticket:

  • Make sure to cancel the ticket before the departure
  • Log In or find your trip. Visit the ‘My trips’ section
  • Choose the flight you’ve to cancel
  • Select the ‘modify flight’ option
  • Select the “start flight cancellation option”
  • Cancel the trip 

In case of a refundable ticket, you can apply for a refund. To apply for a refund in case of upcoming trips, visit My Trips. Here, you can request a refund. Besides, the ticket must have been issued against a check, cash, or credit card. The refund can be done via the original payment mode.

Keep an eye on the refund status. If there’s a submission of any refund request against upcoming trips, you can evaluate its status.

12. Can I speak with Delta customer service for a flight change?

Yes, you can reach out to the Customer Service Team of the Delta Airlines via your phone. You can ask all your queries related to a flight change at 800-221-1212. For SkyMiles- related queries, call 800-323-2323.

Silver Medallion or Gold Medallion members are given priority when dialing the Delta customer service phone number. However, Diamond Medallion and Delta Platinum members are given high priority when dialing the customer service number. The top-tier elites are free to reach out to the specific phone line listed within the Contact U.S. sections. Besides, you can find the contact number on the backside of the membership card or on the Fly Delta phone app. 

The services of a customer care representative can be of great help if you’re willing to cancel the Delta flight. It is helpful even when you want to request a refund. Apart from it, you can ask anything about flight reservation, SkyMiles redemptions, and baggage allowances to the customer service executives.

13. What are the steps to change an Award Flight?

The award tickets issued by Delta SkyMiles undergo cancellation and change terms that are similar to cash fares. However, the process is relatively flexible. As the payment is completed through SkyMiles instead of cash, it’s more likely that you can retrieve the miles in the majority of the cases. Different eligible award tickets require zero modifications or cancellation fees. 

The SkyMiles can be refunded or redeposited into the bank account when canceling the flight. However, the basic economy tickets are an exception as they can’t be modified as and when necessary after completing the 24-hour risk-free cancellation duration. 

A basic economy award ticket can be canceled, and a cancellation fee will be deducted in miles. The fees will be subtracted from the ticket’s total price. If you’re traveling within the U.S. or even if you’re traveling to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and Canada, the cancellation fees amounts to up to 9,900 miles. In the case of long-haul international flights, a fee amounting to up to 19,900 miles is charged. 

Delta has removed its 72-hour cancellation and change window. It’s easy to change or cancel the award ticket whenever you want leading up to the flight. 

14. Does Delta Allow Name & Date Change?

With Delta Flight Change Policy, you can easily make changes to your existing flight’s date. You just need to follow simple instructions and confirm the changes at ease. Enter the required details, and choose the new flight date for a comfortable and joyful journey.

However, in the case of name change on the flight ticket, it should be noted that ticket cannot be transferred to any other passenger. You can immediately make corrections to the name if there’s any mistake. If you want to change the full name on the ticket, you will have to cancel the reservation and then rebook the flight again.

15. What is the same-day flight change policy?

Passengers are often willing to request ticket modifications as soon as possible- not always, but it can occur in some cases. Passengers will reap the benefits when it is carried out on the day when the booking is made. It can take up to 24 hours- right from the minute the booking is made. Through this period, you’ll be allowed to modify the reservations and go through the terms and conditions beforehand. According to same-day Delta Flight change policy, the factors like flight route, ticket type, and location will be taken into account. 

Same day changes are applicable when you have bought tickets that are distinct from Basic Economy tickets. Apart from International journeys, Delta won’t allow you to take advantage of this flexible policy. In order to use the Delta same-day flight change policy, you can go for online methods.

16. What changes can you make with delta airlines?

Delta app or website allows you to make last-minute flight cancellations and flight changes. Delta will enable you to modify same-day travels, re-book delays, and cancel flights. Besides, you’ll be allowed to examine the flight’s status along with check-ins done via Delta’s website. Consumers also have the autonomy to reach out to the customer service team to handle such tasks or get their queries answered.