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Delta Airlines Name Change Policy


1. What is Delta Name Change Policy?

On a Delta Airlines ticket, a name spelled wrongly can create a whole host of problems. To be a respectable flyer, you must modify it as quickly as possible.

Delta Name Change Policy enables name correction in accordance with Department of Transportation requirements to guarantee that the traveler’s name matches the passport or authorized photo ID correctly. It allows minor changes to confirmed bookings for a charge.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy assists travelers who wish to change the name on their Delta ticket. Following a step-by-step procedure, the misspelled name can be refined with ease.

2. How to change name on Delta Airlines Ticket?

There is no need to be concerned if you entered your name incorrectly while purchasing a ticket with Delta Airlines. Delta Name Change Policy has a fairly simple procedure that can be completed in a short amount of time and with no trouble. You can alter your name by following the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the manage booking section of the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • You will now be taken to a screen where you must input your ticket information. Fill in the booking information as well as the passenger’s last name.
  • Choose the option Next. After that, select Change My Name from the menu section and click on edit.
  • You will be able to change your flight in three steps. The itinerary details will be changed first, followed by flight details, and finally personal information. To change your name, you can skip straight to the third stage.
  • To modify the name of your Delta Airlines ticket, follow the on-screen instructions. and then upload the appropriate documents after making the necessary adjustments.
  • After you have made the changes, click submit to save them. You can find a new ticket with your new name displayed on it in your registered email address.

If you need further assistance changing your name with Delta Airlines, you can call customer support. However, you must first review the Delta Name Change Policy to determine whether or not you require a name change.

3. Does Delta Airlines offer a name change waiver?

Delta Airlines offer discounts on your charges if you opt for an early name change. With the sole purpose of making your journey stress-free, Delta Name Change Policy ensures a speedy change of name.

4. How to change your last name on a Delta Airlines Ticket?

Delta Name Change Policy allows passengers to change their last names on Delta Tickets. Check the guidelines listed below for further information:

  • It is important to note that only three characters can be changed in the last name while flying with Delta Airlines.
  • In case you require over three character edits, contact Global Sales Support.
  • Now, you must change your name in the PNR.
  • To indicate that a name adjustment has been made, add the following OSI statement to the PNR: OSI DL NAME CORRECTION TO 3 LETTERS OF LAST NAME ONLY
  • Issue new ticket as an even exchange (no additional flight/date changes permitted)
  • There is no need for a waiver code.

5. How does Delta Airlines' legal name change work?

Step 1 – Call Delta Airlines and connect with the International Manuel Reissue Department.

Step 2 – Inform the IMRD agent of your need to modify the ticket’s name owing to a legal name change. Make sure you have the information for the ticket locator handy. Wait until the new ticket with the right name appears in your email account.

Step 3 – Now, get the name on your sky miles account changed by making a request. You can find the form located under the Comments & Complaints option. Follow the drop-down options until you reach the bottom of the page, where you will find a space to fill in your request and submit the required documents. Once the change is made, an email confirmation will show up in your account.

6. How to change name on Delta Airlines Ticket due to marriage or divorce?

  • To begin with the Delta Name Change Policy procedure for changing a name due to marriage, open the Delta Airlines official webpage on your computer.
  • Visit the homepage and select My Trips.
  • Following that, you must enter your confirmation number, as well as your last and first names. Select the search option.
  • You can retrieve flight reservations using the credit or debit card number or even the ticket number.
  • After being redirected to the My Trips page, you will notice the option to modify your Delta Airlines name.
  • To complete the process, select the option and follow the given instructions.

7. Is it possible to change the nickname to the full name with Delta Airlines?

Under the Delta Name Change Policy, passengers are allowed to modify their nicknames to their full names without any complications.

8. Can I change my surname on the ticket with Delta airlines after marriage?

Yes, definitely. After marriage, the Delta Name Change Policy can help you change your surname on your travel reservation. The entire process consists of a few simple and quick steps.

9. How much does it cost to change a name on a Delta ticket?

When passengers modify their names, they will be charged a Delta Airlines name change fee under the Delta Name Change Policy. Additionally, changing the name is free for those who do it within 24 hours of booking their ticket. Reservations made after this time are subject to a fee. It is important to remember that if you decide for an early change, you will receive a discount on the payments.

The fees could range from $75 to $500. These charges are influenced by a number of factors:

  • The reason behind the change, such as marriage, divorce, or misspelling
  • The type of ticket that a passenger possesses
  • The location of arrival
  • The flying schedule
  • Nature of change
  • The total number of characters you would like to modify

10. How do I change my name on my Delta account?

By browsing Delta Airlines’ official website, you can alter your name in your profile. Simply log in to your account and go to the profile edit tab to update the name. You can get additional information by going to the Delta Airlines customer service section and speaking with a representative.

11. Can you fly if your name is spelled wrong?

No. Although airlines are often patient while rectifying spelling errors, flying with a misspelled name can pose problems. It is critical that you double-check your spelling before travelling. If there are any misspellings on the ticket, you should address the problem immediately. For making legal name changes on tickets, you can contact the airlines directly or seek assistance from your travel agency.  In most cases, airlines charge a minor price for adjustments to your ticket details.

12. How can I correct my name on the flight ticket?

You can fix your incorrect name on your airline ticket in a variety of hassle-free ways. Delta Name Change Policy offers methods that are quite easy and quick to implement. Simply visit the Delta Airlines website and stop by the airport kiosk. You can also phone a Delta representative. Once you complete these steps, your travel agent will begin the name change procedure as soon as possible.

13. Does Delta Airlines require a middle name on the ticket?

As per the Delta Name Change Policy, it is not essential to include your middle name in the reservation because your airline account already contains all of the necessary information. As a result, there will not be a problem if you do not include your middle name while making your flight booking.

14. Does your Airline ticket name have to match your passport?

Yes! In case the names on the airline ticket and that on the passport are not the same, the airline will refuse to let you on board. You must also confirm that your name appears correctly on all travel papers, such as your driving license, frequent flyer accounts, passports, and so on.