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Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy


1. What is Lufthansa Airlines name change policy?

Name Change Policy is nothing but the set of rules to be followed if the customer needs to get his name changed on the ticket issued by Lufthansa Airlines.

The basic requirement with respect to the name on the ticket is that it should be the same as mentioned in the passenger’s official documents, ex. Passport, ID card, etc. While booking the tickets this first step is always checked.

However, there could be typos and certain passengers would need to change the names with which they have booked the tickets. There are certain conditions that need to be met to change the name on the ticket. Let us check the necessary conditions below


Name change is allowed on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket only if

  • The ticket stock number starts with 220
  • Flights for which tickets are booked operate with Lufthansa

As per the name change policy of Lufthansa Airlines, name correction on a ticket is allowed only once.

The conditions specific to the name corrections can be narrowed down to the following

  • Up to two characters in the first name, last name or middle name
  • Nicknames or inverted names
  • Name changes on the Lufthansa ticket under legal consideration
  • Change of travel document provided while booking ticket (while booking tickets, an official document has to be provided as ID proof. If the passenger wants to change the document provided and the other document has a different name, name change on the ticket is permitted by Lufthansa Airlines)

We have seen the changes that are allowed, now let us check the changes that are not permitted by Lufthansa Airlines. The following name corrections are not permitted

  • Name change on the Lufthansa ticket for more than two characters in the first name, last name or middle name
  • Addition or removal of second name
  • Addition or removal of surname
  • Addition, removal or modification of the prefixes Mr., Mrs., or Ms.
  • If the ticket is booked for an infant and the name is misspelled, change of first name or last name is not permitted

Lufthansa Airlines serves 18 domestic destinations and 218 international destinations in 78 countries across all 6 continents. The Frankfurt International Airport is the primary hub of Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and the Lufthansa City-Line.

2. How to change name on Lufthansa Airlines ticket?

We have seen the dos and the don’ts, the cases where name change is permitted and the cases where the name change is not permitted. So, now let us check how to achieve the name change in your ticket if you ever need to do so.

Name correction on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket can be achieved by raising a change request online or by reaching out to the helpline on the phone. Lufthansa Group along with its subsidiaries form the largest airlines in Europe.

The group comprises Swiss International Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, EuroWings and Lufthansa Cargo. Here we will check out the name change policy and the relevant FAQs of Lufthansa Airlines. The group is powered with the combined amount of a fleet of 757 aircrafts of which 360 belongs to Lufthansa alone.

So, coming to the procedure to correct your name on the issued tickets, there are 2 ways to do that.

Method 1: Ticket Name Change Online

Visit the website, and click on the “Manage Booking” section

Fill in your details (6-digit reference code and your last name/ passenger’s last name) and proceed to access the flight reservation

Select the option ‘name change’ on the top right corner.

Now add the correct name as mentioned in the travel document and click on save to go further with the process. The correction can be done only for a maximum of 2 letters in the first name, last name or middle name.

Once the process is completed successfully, you will get a confirmation mail for the name in the registered email address.

Method 2: Ticket Name Change via Phone

  • Reach out to Lufthansa ticket change number @ +1-844-673-0381
  • After dialing the ticket change number, you will be redirected to the Lufthansa Airlines executive. Kindly provide your 6-digit reference number or the 13-digit ticket number starting with 220.
  • Mention your requirement to the executive properly where the corrections have to be made.
  • To proceed with the name-change request, the passengers would need to pay the name change or misspelled name fees and also if any fare difference is applicable.
  • Once the name change is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation mail in the email address provided at the time of registration or ticket booking.

Lufthansa Airlines is known for the services and luxury it provides in air-travel. It is one of the reasons why Lufthansa is preferred by many travelers nowadays. Lufthansa is the first airline to provide its customers with in-flight internet. Lufthansa’s Boeing 747 flight provided the first in-flight internet services to its passengers in 2003.

Lufthansa was the launch customer of the Boeing 737. Lufthansa is also one of the 5 founding members of the Star Alliance. Star Alliance is one of the largest global airline alliances.

3. Does Lufthansa Airlines offer a name change waiver?

The charge for name correction on the ticket issued by Lufthansa Airlines is a fixed amount of 200 USD. If you have to get a name correction, connect with the executives by call or get it done from the website by giving the necessary details including the 6-digit pin and the name changes to be corrected along with the certificate or legal documents if needed. You will then need to reissue the tickets, in cases of marriage or divorce or legal considerations where reissue is applicable the passengers can rebook tickets in the same class or a higher or a lower class according to his/ her wish.

4. How to change last name on Lufthansa Airlines ticket?

Last name correction is similar to the name correction in general, the customer needs to visit the Lufthansa website’s homepage and proceed with “name change” option or reach out to the officials on the helpline number.

The change in last name also is similar to the change in the first name, the same conditions and rules are applied. The scenarios that apply to changes in first name are applied here.

Case 1: A request is given by the customer for name correction in the issued ticket. In this case, the third-party agents involved in issuing the ticket should ensure that the PNR is in sync with the GDS system and Lufthansa Airlines. All mandatory segments should remain valid after the change is made.

Action: Make a name change request with the existing PNR. The ticket will be reissued. Make sure that ‘Name correction’ is inserted in the endorsement box. This will cost the passenger 200 USD.

Case 2: A name correction has to be made but for more than 2 letters. The correction has to be done by the airlines to avoid cancellation. The name change done on the Lufthansa Airlines issued ticket should be in sync automatically with the PNR.

Action: If this situation arises, the customer can reach out to the staff on phone at the helpline number +1-844-673-0381 and get the name correction done in the original PNR itself. The ticket can be reissued just like in the first scenario and then “name correction” needs to be inserted. After the name correction is inserted in the endorsement box, the charges of 200 USD are applied. After paying the name correction charges/fees that are applicable, the name is changed and then the ticket is reissued under the same PNR.

Case 3:

PNR for the tickets are created by the booking systems Sabre and Amadeus. Lufthansa uses these two booking systems and if the passenger wants his/ her name to be corrected then the passenger should also have the PNR created by the two booking systems.

And the third scenario is the one in which the PNR has been created by some other booking system and not by either Sabre or Amadeus. In this situation, a new PNR would most probably need to be created for the customer. In these cases, the need for a new PNR depends on the level of technical synchronization of the specific booking channels.

Action: The action that needs to be taken to change the name, in this case, is to get a new PNR created in the customer’s name, making sure the name is given correctly this time while booking. Along with the passenger’s name, other details like the flight, class of service need to be provided. The tickets will be booked with the new PNR. The same class ticket or some class higher or lower will be given to the customer depending on the current availability. Reissue the ticket by reaching out online or via phone to the customer service for name correction, insert ‘Name correction’ in the endorsement box and pay the charges applied to change the name in the ticket, i.e., 200 USD.

Case 4:

If there is a case of a frequent flyer code that has to be included along with the PNR, then the name correction request does not stand a chance as name correction is not possible. Even in this case, a new PNR has to be created.

Action: The steps mentioned in the last scenarios apply here as well. A new PNR needs to be created and also it should be assured that the name is correctly mentioned while issuing the new PNR and the new ticket. The steps should be repeated if the new name is also different from the names provided in the official documents, ID or passport. Initiate the request for a new PNR and repeat the steps that are mentioned in the third scenario. The same charge of 200 USD is applicable in this case as well.

Case 5:

If the name correction has to be done and there are other flights also included in the existing PNR, then it is advisable to get a new PNR in case of a situation where the name needs to be corrected in the ticket. The original flights also need to be recovered in the case of other airlines refusing the request of a name correction.

Action: In this case, it is advisable for the passenger to book a new PNR with the original flight segments that were applied during the last time the ticket was issued. The PNR needs to be created along with the booking class.

In case the original class booked before is currently not available for the other airlines segments involved, check for the difference in fare and reissue the ticket again. Other steps including the insertion of ‘Name correction’, the charge of 200 USD, remains the same in this scenario.

5. How Lufthansa Airlines legal name change work?

When the passenger requests a name change, the passenger can do it by phone or via the online Lufthansa website. If passengers reach out to the executive via phone, the Lufthansa officials themselves will verify the details, ticket number and take note of the necessary name corrections and make the corrections after verifying the details and the certificates or legal documents given by the passenger.

If the passenger visits the website and requests a name change, the passenger will be asked to enter the ticket number and also the last name, and then after verification, the customer will be asked to enter the corrections to be made.

The passenger can mention the needed corrections (provided that the corrections are allowed and within the guidelines given by Lufthansa Airlines) after which the passenger will be asked to confirm the changes.

Once the passenger confirms the corrections to be made on the tickets, the amount is collected from the passenger and then the corrections are made on the ticket and the ticket is issued. Also, a confirmation mail is sent to the mail ID of the customer.

6. How to change a name on a Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Due to marriage or divorce?

As per the name change policy provided by Lufthansa, name correction is allowed in case of legal considerations. In such cases, a legal document needs to be provided to initiate the name correction or modification. In such a scenario, reissuance requests will be considered and the passenger can rebook tickets in the same class or in higher/lower classes that are available.

If the name of the person has been changed due to marriage or divorce, and the passenger wants to travel, then he/she should be assured that the name mentioned in the ticket is his/her new name. If the ticket was booked before the marriage or divorce commenced and the name mentioned in the ticket is in the previous or older name of the passenger, the passenger should visit the website or reach out to the Lufthansa executives via phone to get the name changed.

In case of marriage or divorce, the legal document that verifies the name of the passenger, i.e., the marriage license or the divorce decree should be provided to the airline’s officials to proceed with the name change.

Since the ticket is already booked, the name change charges would be applicable.

7. How to request a name change with Lufthansa Airlines?

  1. Login to Lufthansa Airlines official website
  2. Click on “Manage Booking” section in the page or
  3. You will be asked to enter the details like the 6-digit ticket reference number or last name for the purpose of verification.
  4. Enter the necessary details and select “find my booking”.
  5. Choose the flight you wish to change the name on the ticket for.
  6. Click on edit name to change the name on the ticket.
  7. Change the name as required and click on save
  8. The changes are saved and you will get a confirmation mail in the mail ID registered with Lufthansa Airlines.

8. Is it possible to change the nickname to full-name with Lufthansa Airlines?

Nickname is not usually preferred by airlines, but if the nickname is mentioned in the passenger’s legal/ official documents also, the customer can provide his/ her nickname while booking the ticket.

If the nickname has been given by the customer while issuing the ticket and the name does not match with the name in the legal documents like the passport, the customer has to follow either of the 2 steps and reach out to Lufthansa by phone or via the website to get the name correction done.

9. What are legal ways to change the name on the Lufthansa Airlines booking?

The legal way to get the name changed on the tickets issued by Lufthansa Airlines is by bringing the official ID or passport and the necessary legal documents, ex. Marriage certificates, etc. in such cases and raising a request to change the name mentioned on the ticket issued.

The scenarios in which name change happens, the scenarios in which not just reissuing a new ticket is not enough but the passenger has to get a new PNR, etc. are discussed above. In all cases, the passengers just need to approach the website or the executives via phone and take the necessary actions for the respective scenarios.

Faking documents is not advised in any of the cases and it will be considered illegal. The passengers need to understand the gravity of illegal activities to avoid the name correction charges or due to other reasons like lack of time. Lufthansa Airlines boasts of its customer services and the officials at Lufthansa will make the name correction process a walk in the park for their customers.

10. Can I change my surname on the ticket with Lufthansa Airlines after marriage?

If the surname change is reflected in the official ID or passport then proceed with the steps for name correction either via call or by getting it done online. As mentioned before, legal considerations are applicable when it comes to name corrections and in such cases, the legal documents that provide or mention the name change should be provided to the airline’s officials while requesting a name change.

If a passenger wants to change the name in the ticket after marriage, reach out to the officials along with the marriage certificate.

The same scenarios that are applicable for the name changes in first-name or middle name are applicable for the name corrections to be done in the surname. Surname is one field or a part of a name that will change in many people after marriage and also after divorce. Passengers who have gone through marriage or divorce should ensure that the name changes that happened due to the marriage or divorce should be made in the legal documents also. And these changes should also be reflected in your air ticket because the name mentioned in your official IDs and passport is your first identity for any official inspecting you.

11. How much does it cost to change a name on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket?

The price to change the name or correct the name given in the flight ticket issued by Lufthansa Airlines is 200 USD per ticket or per customer.

If the booking was done in a group, then again, the name changes before the tickets have been booked are free of cost. Once the tickets are booked and the passengers names have to be corrected in the group booking, it costs 200 USD per passenger.

If the tickets have been issued and the passenger cancels the ticket, the airfare is not refundable. However, the unused taxes and fees are refundable.

12. How do I change my name on my Lufthansa Airlines account?

Lufthansa Airlines account name can be changed by following methods- reaching out to the Lufthansa Airlines executives on call in the customer support number and providing the respective details for the name change, requesting a name change for the Lufthansa Airlines account from the website homepage. Also, the customer can send a mail to the customer support of Lufthansa Airlines and you will get a response with the necessary steps.

13. Can you fly if your name is spelled wrong?

A straight single-word answer to the question is NO. A passenger would not be considered a legitimate traveler if his/her name on the ticket does not match the name given in the passport. So, if the name is spelled wrongly on the ticket, the passenger has to follow any one of the required steps to correct the name mentioned on the airline’s ticket and make sure that his/ her name mentioned on the ticket matches with the name given in the passport.

14. How can I correct my name on the flight ticket?

If the ticket has been booked then the name corrections will be charged. The customer has to reach out to the customer service officials either by mail or by phone by dialing the helpline number or by raising a request in the home page of the Lufthansa Airlines website. The same rules apply, only a maximum of 2 letters can be changed or corrected in the first or the middle or the last name mentioned on the ticket.

15. Does Lufthansa Airlines require a middle name on the ticket?

It depends on the name given in the official document given while booking the ticket. In most cases, it is the passport as a passport is usually carried during air travel. So, if the passenger has a middle name mentioned in his/her passport or the official document, then the middle name should also be provided while booking the ticket. If the middle name is not present in the name on the official ID, the passenger should not provide a middle name while booking the ticket also, so the middle name should not be there on the ticket.

16. Does your airline ticket name have to match your passport?

Yes. The ticket name has to match the name mentioned in your passport. A passport is usually the official document or ID that passengers carry while traveling in a flight. So, it is necessary that the name mentioned on the airline ticket matches the name mentioned in the passport. In case of an unfortunate situation where the name on the ticket does not match the name mentioned in your passport, don’t worry, Lufthansa Airlines is known for the best customer service. They provide the name correction facilities with the easiest of steps making the process for their staff and their customers smooth and avoiding any confusion.

Lufthansa takes pretty good care of the business class and first-class travelers. Lufthansa purchases 10 tons of caviar which sums up to almost 5% of the entire world’s caviar. In 2017, Lufthansa Airlines was awarded the Skytrax 5 Star Certification thereby becoming the first European Airlines to receive the honor.

The necessary steps to be taken to change your name on the ticket issued by Lufthansa Airlines have been discussed above. The conditions in which name changes are applicable and the charges for the name correction on issued tickets have been mentioned.