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Turkish Airlines

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Turkish Airlines Pet Policy


1. What is Turkish Pet Policy?

Turkish Airlines Pet policy is a superb facility that lets the travelers fly from one destination to another with their beloved pets. They allow cats, dogs, and small singing birds such as parakeets, canaries in the cabin, as manifest cargo, or as checked baggage in the hold. However, to travel with your pets on Turkish flights, you must ensure their reservation at least 6 hours prior to the departure.

2. Is it safe to ship my pet with Turkish Cargo?

Yes. It is absolutely safe to ship your pet with Turkish Airlines as Cargo under Turkish Airlines pet policy. The pressure and temperature conditions in the manifest cargo section are same as to those in the passenger’s cabin. A cargo agent will help you to reserve your pet as air cargo.

3. How much does it cost to reserve a pet?

According to the Turkish Airlines pet policy, the cost of reserving a pet on any domestic flight begins from TRY 70. When it comes to international travel, the total weight of your pet will be multiplied with the extra baggage cost for the route. The minimum pets for Turkish flights with stopovers & transits ranges between $35 to $150.

When you are booking a pet in the hold on a short journey then you will be charged a fee of $35. For long journeys, it will be $140. The pet reservation cost for flights with transits is $300 and stopovers ranges between $70 to $300.

4. Does Turkish Airlines allow pets in a cabin on international flights?

Pets are not allowed in the cabin on international flights that require pets to come as air cargo. These destinations include the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, UAE, etc. For more details about in-cabin pet reservation on international flights, call the Customer Service team of Turkish Airlines.

5. How do I reserve a pet on a Turkish flight?

As soon as your travel idea is all set, you should make an advance notice to the Turkish Airlines for pet reservation. You should get in touch with their customer service team by phone or visit the nearest Turkish Airlines airport or office at least 6 hours before departure. Make sure you get all the necessary information about the Turkish Airlines pet policy.

6. What methods of transport does Turkish Air Lines provide for my pet?

As per Turkish Airlines pet policy, you can transport your pet on Turkish flight with 3 methods:

  • In-cabin
  • Checked baggage
  • Manifest Cargo

7. Does my pet qualify for travel in the passenger cabin?

If you wish to carry your pet in the passenger cabin, you must ensure it is at least 10 weeks old. Here are some more points to know about pet reservation in the passenger cabin according to the Turkish Airlines Pet policy:

  • You cannot travel with pregnant pets on Turkish flights.
  • Kittens, puppies, and their mothers cannot travel in the cabin unless fully weaned.
  • Dog breeds that are dangerous will not be accepted.
  • Cats and dogs having respiratory issues will be permitted.
  • Up to 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 household birds who are compatible can travel together in the same carrier- but there are weight restrictions.

8. Does Turkish limit the number of pets allowed in the cabin per flight?

Yes. According to Turkish Airlines Pet Policy, there is a limit to the number of pets in the cabin per flight. The maximum number of pets allowed in the cabin per flight is determined by the aircraft’s type serving your dedicated route.

9. What are the pet carrier requirements at Turkish airline?

As per Turkish Airlines pet policy, the pet carrier must have the following things:

In-cabin Carrier Requirements

  • The carrier must be secured enough to allow your cat, dog, or household bord to comfortably turn around and stand up.
  • It must feature a waterproof bottom.
  • It must fit ideally under the passenger’s seat in your front.
  • The soft-sided carrier’s maximum size can be 40 cm x 30 cm x 23 cm (L*W*H).
  • The flexible carriers are accepted if they can be compressed down to 9 inches.
  • The hard carriers are also accepted as long as they meet the maximum size mentioned above.

As Checked Baggage & Manifest Cargo

  • The carrier must meet all the standard levied by IATA.
  • The top and bottom halves of the crate must be secured with metal hardware.
  • The crate must be made of rigid plastic, metal, fiberglass, plywood, solid wood, or weld mash of metal.
  • The bottom of the crate must be leakproof and solid.

For more information on pet carrier requirements, contact the Turkish Airlines customer service team at 1-800-874-8875

10. What health documentation is required?

In order to travel with your pet comfortably under Turkish Airlines Pet Policy, your pet, the pet carrier must comply to the regional, international, or local standards. Additionally, you must possess all the important pet’s vaccination certificates, health certificates, and entry permits needed by the transit or destination location(s).

11. Do I need a new health certificate for my pet's return trip?

Usually, the health certificate of your pet is only needed at the transit or destination airports when flying internationally. It is not required for the return trip. However, you must cross-check this information with the Turkish Airlines customer service department at 1-800-874-8875.

12. How old does my pet have to be to travel?

Here are the age requirements for your pets as per the Turkish Airlines pet policy:

  • For in-cabin pets, the age requirement is at least 10 weeks.
  • For all pets traveling as checked baggage, the age requirement is minimum 10 weeks.
  • For pets traveling as Manifest cargo, the age requirement is at least 10 weeks and they must be fully weaned. If they are flying to the Turkish Republic or Northern Cypress, the minimum age of the pet is 3 months.

13. How many pets can fly in a single kennel?

Usually only one pet can travel in a single kennel. In the case of in-cabin pets, 2 pets of same breed can travel in the same kennel, provided the combined weight of the carrier and both the pets is no more than 8kg. The number of pets allowed in a same carrier in the cabin will depend on the type of the aircraft.

For checked baggage, a maximum of 3 kittens or puppies born from the same mother can travel in one crate. Additionally, a maximum 2 adult pets of the same breed each weighing less than 14 kg, having a similar size and compatible with each other can travel in a single crate.

14. What Size will Pet Carrier Fit Under an Airline Seat Turkish?

A pet carrier with a maximum size of 40 cm x 30 cm x 23 cm (L*W*H) can fit under the airline seat of Turkish flights easily.

15. Does Turkish Have a Weight Limit for Pets?

Yes. There are certain weight restrictions for pets under Turkish Airlines Pet policy. Here are the important points related to it:

  • The combined weight of the carrier and the pets who travel in the cabin must not exceed 8kg.
  • Pets who go beyond the weight limits to travel in the passenger cabin may be eligible to travel as checked baggage.
  • To transport your pet in an aircraft hold and in the same carrier, the weight of both of pets must be within 14kgs (for dogs) and 10kgs (for cats).

For more details about the pet’s weight restrictions on Turkish flights, the official customer service team (1-800-874-8875) will assist you.

16. How can I Confirm the Reservation For My Pet?

You can easily confirm the reservation for your pet as per Turkish Airlines pet policy with official airlines by contacting the customer service team at 1-800-874-8875. Make sure you proceed with pet reservation at least 6 hours before flight departure.