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Flight Change Policy


United Airlines Flight Change Policy


1. What is the United flight change policy?

United Airlines Flight change policy is a flexible policy for its commuters that enables them to make changes to their flight booking within 24 hours of making the original reservation. You can make the flight changes without any additional cost provided you’ve bought the ticket one week or more before actual departure. This amazing policy is applicable to all United tickets except Basic Economy bookings.

In the case you’ve booked a seat in the Basic Economy class, the best way to ensure flight changes is to cancel the booking within 24 hours and reserve a new ticket. 

2. How to change or cancel your United flight?

As per the United Airlines Flight Change Policy, making changes to the ticket or cancelling it is quite easy. You can either do it by calling the Customer Service Team at 1-866-399-0587 or online at the official website of the airline or the United App.

Here are the steps to make changes to the flight’s time, date, and destination online:

  • Go to the official website- United.com
  • From the upper bar of the booking section, choose ‘My Trips’
  • Get to your booking details by putting your last name along with the confirmation number
  • Choose the itinerary you wish to manage
  • Choose the ‘Change Flight’ option, and proceed to make changes to the flight’s date or time, destination, add a flight, and remove a flight.
  • Choose a new flight by clicking on ‘Continue’
  • Confirm the new itinerary by paying the fare difference
  • You will get an email with your confirmed flight changes

Note: Even if the flight change fee is marked as waived, you’ll still have to pay the applicable fare difference for confirmation of flight changes.

Now, here is the procedure to cancel your United Flight online. Follow these steps:

  • Visit United.Com
  • Click on ‘My Trips’ bar
  • Choose ‘Cancel Flight’
  • Choose ‘Confirm Cancellation’

Now, select a Travel credit option for upcoming trips

3. How to Change My United Air Lines Flight Booking?

United Airlines Flight Change Policy allows you to make changes to your flight booking by two ways:

  • Do it online at United.com or United App
  • Call Local United Airlines Customer Care Center

4. Can I cancel a United flight booked with miles?

If you have bought your United ticket using miles from your United MileagePlus account, you are permitted to cancel it online or by contacting customer service department. If you make flight cancellation minimum 31 days prior to departure, you will be charged no fee for award flight cancellation and get the miles returned into your MileagePlus account.

If you cancel your award ticket 30 days or less prior to departure and want your miles back, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. For general commuters, fee for miles redeposition is $125, $50 for Premier Platinum travelers, and zero cost for Premier 1K passengers.

5. How much does it cost to cancel a United flight?

If you are making the United Flight cancellation within 24 hours of buying the ticket, you will not be charged any amount. However, if you do cancellation post 24 hours of ticket reservation, the domestic flyers will be charged a fee of $200 and international flyers will be charged a fee of $400.

6. How to Change United Flight for Tickets through Third-Party?

You may be able to make flight changes for tickets booked through 3rd party or any travel agent. However, you may be charged a fee other than the applicable flight change fee. It is advised that you check the options with third-party before booking a ticket with United Airlines to avoid any inconvenience later.

7. How do you change a flight on United without a fee?

To change date, time, or destination on the United Flight without a fee, you need to make sure that changes are confirmed within 24-hour window of flight booking. Additionally, to waive of any change fee, the flight must be booked 7 days or more before its departure. This facility is known as United Airlines Flight Change Policy.

8. How do you change a nonrefundable United flight?

Under United Airlines Flight Change Policy, you change a non-refundable United flight ticket by calling the customer care center at 1-866-399-0587. The airlines now will not charge your any change fee for non-refundable tickets. However, you need to pay the difference in the fare between old and new tickets.

9. How do you change a United flight on the same day?

You can take advantage of the United Airlines Flight Change Policy to change a ticket on the same day. You can make modifications to the ticket either online or by reaching out to customer service department.

When you call the agent at customer service center, you will be asked for necessary details like last name or confirmation number. Additionally, you will need to inform them about the type of change that you want in your ticket such as destination, date, or time. Soon, you will receive a confirmation for the changes. Any important thing(s) will be made clear to you over the call itself to ensure convenience to you.

As far as the online flight change process is concerned, you will need to visit the official airlines platform that is United.com. Go to ‘My trips’ section, enter the confirmation number along with your last name. Now, you can see your itinerary there. Choose the flight to be changed. Make the changes such as date, time, and destination. Press ‘Continue’ for new booking. Pay the fare difference between new and previous tickets, and your changes will be confirmed with an email.

10. Can I make a United flight change within 24-hours of flight booking?

Yes, you can easily make United flight change within 24 hours of flight booking under United Airlines flight change policy. The best thing about this policy is that you will not be charged any money in the form of change fee when you do flight modifications within 24-hours window.

12. Can I speak with United customer service for a flight change?

Yes, you can anytime speak with United Customer Service team for a flight change. The agent will assist you professionally and ensure that your flight changes are confirmed as soon as possible!

12. What are the Steps to Change an Award Flight?

Contact the United Customer Care Center by phone to change an Award flight.

If you have got an award ticket on the Premium Economy/Economy fare, you will not be charged any flight change fees, provided you are flying within the United States or internationally if your flight begins within in the U.S.

13. Does United Allow Name & Date Change?

As per United Airlines Flight Change Policy, you are only allowed to change date of your booking or flight.

If you wish to change your name in the ticket, you need to do this under United Airlines name change policy.

14. What is the Same-Day Flight Change Policy?

The same-day flight change policy allows you to make modifications to your United flight on the same day of ticket booking. It won’t cost you anything as you’re using the 24-hours window to confirm the flight changes.

15. What changes Can you Make with United Airlines?

As per United Airlines Flight Change Policy, you can make changes to the date, time, and destination of your booking.